Read Free Urdu Books, Novels & Stories By Umera Ahmed. All Categories, Urdu Novels · Urdu Stories · Umera La-Hasil – Last Part. Novels By Umera Ahmed. Umm e Mariam, the protagonist in the novel La Hasil – Hollow Pursuits by Umera Ahmed, is highly talented, with inherent gifts, and opted for the. La Hasil, writing of Umera Ahmed which was dramatized by the production of I loved watching it from beginning till the end because of the.

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Please check your email and click on confirmation link to complete your subscription at Urdu Novels. Good and Simple but predictable tale. Published by Ilm-o-Irfan first published September Khadija Noor, hasiil transformation, her pain, her struggles, her joys and smiles, but most of all; the hurdles in her life which were created most often by humans eager to punish and never ready to forgive.

لا حاصل (La Hasil)

It seems if the same plot of the love story between rich and poor, religious and non-believer has transfixed her. Marium, another main character, is desire personified. Being ambitious in life we often go on wrong track. For the first time in a along time I finished a book in a matter of days, I definitely could have finished it in a matter of hours but I wanted to cling on to every single word. Through the character of Maryam they told what actually the value of a human being is.

Dec 15, Abubakar Kamil rated it it was amazing. These topics could be more beautifully taken up. Umera described very nicely the situation of a person who was disappointed by the mishaps of life and the end he decided to change the religion for peace but then a girl comes into his life and changes his view she said she was a Christian but actually who was she and how she become his guide.


This superiority leads oa to look down on our peers, to judge the weak and punish the dependent, harshly. Get Yourself a Copy I just wish they would translate more of them. Sep 07, Omar Nasim rated it it was amazing. I was hoping n hoping that she’ll be finally go0d but when she realized her doings, it was too late till then: A real depiction of true love.

La-Hasil – Last Part | Novels By Umera Ahmed

As always like Umera Ahmed’s other novels, La Hasil began capturing scenes of many characters and with expert-hands she gently tied them lq towards the end. After i finished the book i was in such a trance that i bought all the books of the author and read them! Peace and wealth is in Allah’s will. A Symbol of Love, patience, tolerance, faith, selflessness, piousness and a true follower of Islam.

Jun 29, Amna Salam rated it it was amazing.

La-Hasil By Umera Ahmed – Last Part

Unselfish love, guilt, forgiveness, and belief the central ukera argument of the story! Her initial stories were published in monthly urdu digests and later came out in the form of books.

A line from the book “people beat the drum of religion only to impress others with prayer and pomposity but when it comes to observing My second urdu book of Umera Ahmed translated in english and this one is good.

Faiza Hassan left no stone unturned in making us hate the character of Maryam by the end of the drama. Return to Urdu Novels. Once i laid my hands on this book i couldn’t keep it down.

The writer holds a great repute owing to a vast readership especially in the youth of Pakistan. Not as ed as Peer e Kamil ofcourse. She lost everything once and got everything at last.

Feb 10, Aiesha Aq rated it it was ok. I’m surprised that how a person can write such piece in 26 years of age. At times the one’s never ending wishlist make him lost and he forgets what he is doing with himself and the people around him. Allah is the judge of ahmex lives, of what we do today, tomorrow, every day. Return to Book Page. Jun 24, Maryam rated it it was amazing.


It’s not the first time I have been inspired by her works and it surely won’t be the last either! Ego, arrogance and over-pride left her all alone to be cried. Hardcoverpages.

However i do think some of the goodness of this book has probably been lost in the translation, but on the whole a good read This may take a second or two. A nice novel set in Pakistan. Drama does have a slow start but the moment it picks up the pace, everything falls perfectly into its place.

True, I hated Haail from the beginning and in every scene she appeared but I was more intrigued towards the relationship of mother and her son. Mama jan is the symbol of the patience that waits for its reward for its acceptance. She has written about 16 bookscomprising of complete novels and compilations of short stories.

Drama of The Week — La Hasil! I dove into the sea of characters and mesmerizing storyline that Umera is great at depicting to her readers. Sep 25, Lubaba rated it really liked enc. La Hasil – It isn’t just a story, its a journey, a pack of emotions which stir up one’s soul and gives one too much think on.