Transcript of ENFERMEDAD ARTERIAL PERIFERICA agudos o crónicos, generalmente derivados de una enfermedad arterial oclusiva que. ES UNA ENFERMEDAD ARTERIAL OCLUSIVA DE LOS MIEMBROS LA CIRCULACION CEREBRAL, CARDIACA Y PERIFERICA. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Enfermedad arterial periférica: aspectos fisiopatológicos, clínicos y terapéuticos | Peripheral artery disease is one of the most.

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Bi-dimensional and color imaging of oc,usiva arteries is a very sensitive and specific diagnostic tool that can help the treating physician to understand the disease and evaluate the state of collateral blood flow.

Enfermedad arterial periférica (PAD)

The fate of the claudicant: Currently, this form of treatment is surpassing traditional surgery for the management of intermittent claudication.

Longer resting times are more closely related to other causes of pain with exercise termed pseudoclaudication such as radiculopathy and osteoarthrosis Drug therapy for improving walking distance in intermittent arteriql Most additional therapies are aimed at causing vasodilatation to improve oxygen delivery via the arteriql blood flow system. Cessation of smoking is the most important modifiable risk factor in PAD in observed studies. Vasodilator agents showed a moderate improvement in maximal walking distance, but the greatest benefit seems to come from the use of statins.

Understanding medical treatment in lower limb peripheral arterial disease

Calf muscle adaptation in intermittent claudication. Traditionally, these enfermsdad have been used in patients with inoperable disease and when all other medical treatment options have been exhausted.


The report of a correctly performed duplex scan enfermdead lower limb arteries should include the degree of calcification, percentage of stenosis, flow velocities distal to the stenosis and identification of post occlusive blood flow due to collateral flow amongst others J Am Med Assoc ; Arterio- scler Thromb Vasc Biol ; Masterclass series in peripheral arterial disease.

Rest pain starts to appear at values of 0. A metaanalysis proving the benefits of Cilostazol by showing an increase in walking distances and quality of life was published in by Thompson et al. A summary of the management algorithm is depicted in figure 1.

In enfermedav to these findings, in more recent studies including the media-intimae thickness of carotid arteries, statins may have an overall reducing effect on the thickness of plaques, a direct effect on the endothelial dysfunction in patients with PAD. Endovascular therapy was slightly superior to surgery in the long term.

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Trans- atlantic Intersociety Consensus T. Even in patients without specific training, higher daily physical activity reduces de functional decline of walking distance and intermittent claudication It analyzed 8 randomized controlled trials evaluating the effect of Cilostazol on quality of life including the use of SF questionnaires Endovascular treatment has gained popularity as it is minimally invasive and can be performed using local anesthesia.

This review focuses on the new recommendations for clinical evaluation, diagnosis and medical treatment of patients with the disease. The use of statins is indicated even in the absence of dyslipidemia. Effect of daily muscular exercise in patients with intermittent claudication.


The ankle brachial pressure index ABPI is one of the most useful tools to evaluate the state and prognosis of patients with PAD due to its high sensitivity and specificity This section will focus mainly on the effects of smoking cessation on PAD and the effects of the use of statins in these patients.

Peripheral arterial disease and subsequent cardiovascular mortality: Capillary refill time had a very poor diagnostic accuracy in this study. Rev CES Med ;24 2: Management of peripheral arterial disease.

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Statin use and leg functioning in patients with and without lower-extremity peripheral arterial disease. Risk factor modification is essential, including quitting smoking, strict control of hypertension and glucose levels. Thus the recommendation to date is to use Cilostazol in the primary management of intermittent claudication.

Platelet aggregation inhibitors Aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid is widely used for prevention of ischemic events in patients with enfermevad disease. Subsequently, several trials compared the efficacy of aspirin versus other platelet aggregation inhibitor agents such as ticlopidine and other thienopyridineswith no statistical difference on event risk reduction or complication rates Two hundred seventy three patients followed six to eleven postoperative years.