Era medianoche en Bhopal has ratings and reviews. Abhijit said: I usually like historical books, but this one tried to be too storytelling. Era media noche en Bhopal. 2 likes. Book. Era media noche en Bhopal. Privacy · Terms. About. Era media noche en Bhopal. Book. 2 people like this topic . Buy Era medianoche en Bhopal by Dominique Lapierre, Javier Moro (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery.

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Era medianoche en Bhopal by Dominique Lapierre (4 star ratings)

Return to Book Page. I forgot at times that the book was about a tragedy. Books about medinaoche work best for me when they balance three elements in the account: That has been my lasting impression from this book. And it balances the perspective from the viewpoint of reason.

But well, the journalistic work is really impressive, and I learnt a lot.

Era medianoche en Bhopal

It’s going to have horrific elements to it that could cause Clearly, I didn’t read this for the sake of feeling warm and fuzzy but I don’t regret it in the slightest.

Lists with This Book. I grew up reading about Bhopal gas tragedy in my textbooks and have always wanted to know more about it.

Unless… … you want to be heartbroken with every line you read, cause you are painfully aware of how it all ends … you want to be despondent wishing every page of this book is untrue and fictional … eta want to be choked with every smile you come across, every spark of hopefulness … you want to feel helpless thinking about yourself caught in that place at that time … you want to seethe with anger when you confront the callous apathy of the politicians … yo Don’t read this book.

I will not go in the details of the disaster as I am afraid that I won’t be able to do justice with my words. Published by Planeta first published I only have vague memories of this when it happened so most of it was brand new information to me.

To cut the expenses, they compromise on the safety measures. This book tells the story of the economic environment erz India, how Union Carbide came to build their plant in Bhopal and how just 3 years after it was offically opened it was effectively closed down and left to rot – despite numerous warnings that saftey standards had slipped. It’s terrifying to think that something with such potential to change agrarian life, to mecianoche millions from insect and fungus and rodent infestations, was capable of such complete and utter devastation.


He developed interests in travelling, writing and cars. Paraph rated it it was ok Feb 26, Open Preview See a Problem?

Era medianoche en Bhopal by Dominique Lapierre (2 star ratings)

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Want to Read saving…. If u are interested in knowing what happened on the night of 3rd dec. Ina massive leak o This is a nonfiction book that reads like a fast paced novel.

Every engineering student should be required to know this history. Causa treinta mil muertos y quinientos mil heridos. This book takes us from very start and of factory and gives blow by blow account of how it came to pass that for a company who boaste An extremely readable book, the author has covered the topic under detail from its very beginning and no where any reader will feel an ounce of drag or boredom.

The CEO of the company however has never been charged although a warrant for his arrest has remained unserved for years. Brault rated it it was ok Apr 03, Ultimately the medianochw and hold that Bnopal Carbide had on its employees and the whole regaion is concerning – the authors explain very well medianoch poor the region was and how UC was originally seen as a savior – at least until they began poisoning the water around Bopal. Este libro narra la emocionante aventura humana y tecnol Doce y cinco de la bhpal del 2 al 3 de diciembre de The Union Carbide Bhopal incident is, as the book says, the “world’s deadliest industrial disaster,” resulting in thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands affected.

Causa treinta mil muertos y quinientos mil heridos. It’s not just the story of that isolated incident but everything that led up to it, of the people involved and what became of each of them. Yet so many of us know hardly any details of an incident that medianochf out almost an entire city of our country.


That gas cloud came from Union Carbides plant which was not in operation, but was storing large quantities of dangerous chemicals. The author uses a prosaic style, writing it like a novel with a lot of exposition.

Somehow, I have never read enough about this disaster. This is one of those books where I knew how it was going to end and mediznoche wanted to read it all the way through. I have a pretty sharp opinion: Doce y cinco de la noche del 2 al 3 de diciembre de How to download free copy of the book? Because bhpal p One of the bad things about non-fiction is that sometimes you know the story isn’t going to end well and I think that’s why it’s taken me over 2 years to read this book.

Elia Dal rated it it was ok May 07, He developed interests in travelling, writing and cars. Anirban Roy mediamoche it it was ok Sep 06, The story starts with a small impoverished family who move to a Bhopal slum in search of a livelihood.

Veena Hegde rated it it was ok Jul 21, Jennifer rated it it was ok Nov 10, The story is told through the eyes of several of the main protagonists. Written with honesty, this book is recommended to people like me who had heard about the tragedy but not in detail.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. As most of you know, this is the worst industrial disaster in history, killing tens of medianochr of helpless people and affecting lakhs more. And when you step out, you start thinking what if this air had MIC, what if this place was contaminated by few of the deadliest gases and how human negligence can inflict such a disaster.

Amrutha rated it it was ok Aug 29,