la vasectomía tiene como objetivo obtener un semen que, aun conteniendo espermatozoides inmóviles, no mantiene su capacidad fecundante normal (24). espermatobioscopia. PR volumen. Normal: ml (3 a 7 dias de abstinencia) Valor diagnostico: contenido hematico (hemospermia). PROCESAR LAS PRUEBAS DE SEMEN. Equipo 2. Materia: Citoquímicos de líquidos y secreciones corporales. Profesor. Químico Andraca.

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In that case the same authors did not evaluate the possible damage to the acrossome that could lead to a reduction of the potential capacity for fertilization as a consequence of the enzimic action.

They were selected according to the following criteria: Improved electro-ejaculation of primates. The cebus monkey Cebus apella.

Semen evaluation in capuchin monkeys Cebus apella. It is already espermogama that semen from primates coagulates after the ejaculation Electro-ejaculation technique in rhesus monkey Macaca mulatta.

espermatobioscopia by Pako Rosales Sanchez on Prezi

Reproduction in new world primates. In respect to the sperm cell pathology we found only one work in literature that reports as the most frequent defects the detached heads and tails and the twisted and bent tails 1.

Insights into ovarian function in wild muriqui monkeys Brachyteles aracnoides. Azoospermia should not be given as the result of vasectomy. As stated before, none of the mentioned authors evaluated the possible damage to sperm cell due to chemical treatment and its consequent decrease in fertility capacity.

INICIO – Amnios

The purpose of this study is to know the number of semen samples needed to discharge a patient after intervention. The remaining 86 men No pregnancy was reported during 2 years follow up or after.


The results described in the literature presented some degree of variation among authors 1,9,10and when compared with our results we could find similar volumes of ejaculate in espermaatobioscopia of them 0,6 ml 10 and 0,58 ml 1 while the third was more than two fold bigger 1,9 ml 9. Semen collection, evaluation and cryopreservation in exotic animal species: Services on Demand Journal.

As with other contraceptive methods, vasectomy should be offered as a safe method esperatobioscopia clearly stating that the possibilities of failure do exist. Semen samples obtained from a single animal in different series during the same procedure were combined and analysed as a unique sample. Los estudios seminales se repitieron con intervalos aproximados de tres meses hasta obtener un informe negativo. The nomales of the coagulum was measured by the displacement of a column of water in a graded glass tube after immersion.

Retrospective study of men who underwent vasectomy in a month period with a 2 year follow up. In this perspective, a great deal of non-human primates species has been studied, not only for conservation purposes, normlaes also for comparative research in human reproduction. The patient should be informed about the fact esprrmatobioscopia persistent immotile sperm can be found in his semen.

Azoospermia is offered as result of the technique and this is not always attained, resulting in legal matters. Reproductive physiology studies in zoological species: Contracept Reprod Health Care.



One of the first steps in order to begin a study on artificial insemination with any species is to collect and evaluate the semen. Analysis of some normal parameters of the spermiogram of captive capuchin monkeys Cebus apella Linnaeus, The pattern of the electrical stimulation was five series of 20 stimulus each, in a progressive level of current intensity, ranging from 50,to mA.

Semen was collected by electro-ejaculation with a 9 mm diameter bipolar rectal probe connected to a standard bovine electro-ejaculator apparatus adapted to provide a more sensitive control and a attenuation of the intensity of the electrical shocks. Collection of semen from macaques by electro-ejaculation. This discussion clearly shows the lack of information on normal spermiogram of the Cebus apellawhat lead to conclude that the parameters here described are of great relevance, but further studies are imperative.

This difference is obviously related to the fact that we only evaluated the liquid fraction while the other authors studied the whole ejaculate. Nine adult males Cebus apella were studied.

Semen characteristics of the adult male chimpanzee Pan troglodytes. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolismv. Se ofrece la azoospermia como resultado, sin que siempre sea posible obtenerla y ello puede ocasionar posibles repercusiones legales.