Nov 26, The Eton Choirbook, one of only three such books (along with the Lambeth Choirbook and the Caius Choirbook to survive from. The Eton choirbook (Eton College MS. ), the leading source of late fifteenth- century English music, is a splendid production with fine illuminated initial letters . The Eton Choirbook and its Legacy of Sacred Music. In May , the Genesis Foundation continued its commission and mentoring programme featuring a.

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Mychelson, Robert Robert Mychelson. Most of its original contents 67 out of a total of 93 pieces choirbooi votive antiphons, or devotional motets of prayer and praise, sung each evening to the Virgin Mary, the college’s dedicatee. One of the most iconic of music manuscripts, the Eton Choirbook is of unique importance, both in its own right as a cultural artefact and as a source of English choral polyphony composed during the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries.

Ave lux totius mundi Browne, John John Browne 5 missing chokrbook Like the huge, exquisitely copied manuscript that contains them, the pieces are monumental and sumptuous in style, and rarely short-winded: Contents Contents of the Eton Choirbook sorted initially by the order cchoirbook which they appear in the collection. Skip to main content.

Eton Choirbook

Eton Choifbook had originally been a chantry, an almshouse and a school, and it was the college’s educational purpose which saved it from dissolution in the s. All of the compositions in the book are sacred vocal music in Latin. Contents of the Eton Choirbook sorted initially by the order in which they appear in the collection.

Hygons, Richard Richard Hygons. The Eton Choibook The Edition: It is unique among manuscripts of its period in still being preserved in its original home. In the third phase, the use of cantus firmus techniques disappear and imitation across the choirboook becomes more frequent. Banester, Gilbert Gilbert Banester.


Music from the Eton Choirbook |

The existence of some broad parallelism between the stylistic developments of Continental and English music after Dunstableparticularly in the adoption of the harmonic bass part and in greater choribook of rhythm and phrase structure, suggests that there was some cross-Channel exchanging of ideas until about or even a little later; such men as John Plummer d. The Eton Choirbook, one of only three such books along with the Lambeth Choirbook and the Caius Choirbook to survive from pre-Reformation England, is a large manuscript collection of Marian antiphons, Magnificat settings and other motets assembled for, and still held at, Eton College.

Browne, John John Browne. Through its survival — at the site for which it was made — the Choirbook gives us access to etkn form of worship and a musical tradition that chiirbook violently disrupted and almost obliterated by the Reformation.

Gaude flore virginali Wylkynson, Robert Robert Wylkynson 6 missing Virgo gaude gloriosa Lambe, Walter Walter Lambe 5 missing College Library The Eton Choirbook. On the other hand, there is often a rather distant relationship between words and music. For Parents of New Boys. The index tells us that his piece had a range of twenty-one notes, three octaves minus a note, much wider than any of Dunstable’s known works or than other music from the first half of the fifteenth century.

Stabat virgo Mater Christi II. Salve Jesu Mater vera.

The Eton Choirbook is the only one of the trinity of extant early Tudor choirbooks to remain in its fhoirbook home. The volume fell out of use in the s, but survived the Reformation, and has been at Eton ever since.

This website does not support your browser because it is out of date Update Browser. Points of imitation are frequent, cantus firmus techniques disappear, and in general the sound of the music is more Continental.


It originally contained 93 works, 29 of which have been completely lost and another 21 of which are incomplete, although a few of these are also found in other sources.

In the body of the manuscript the antiphons are grouped according to the number of voices used: This form of dissonance became a distinctive feature of Tudor polyphony. Anglican church music portal Christian music Portal. Stratford composed a four-part Magnificat. Gaude virgo Mater Christi.

The Eton Choirbook

This choirbook appears to have been compiled in two separate stages, the majority of the works being inscribed around with some later additions possibly from Gaude virgo mater Christi. The second phase uses such imitation, as well as a cantus firmusin which one part sings a pre-existing vhoirbook often lifted from liturgical plainchant or a secular tune and the other parts sing in polyphony around it. The Choirbook was on display throughout the evening, a rare occurrence that greatly added to the uniqueness of the occasion.

The oldest composer named in the manuscript is Dunstablebut the five-part Gaude flore virginali ascribed to him has been lost.

Eton Choirbook (Various) – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Privacy policy About ChoralWiki Disclaimers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Choirvook Policy. O virgo virginum praeclara Lambe, Walter Walter Lambe 4 missing O Regina caelestis gloriae II. Folio Title Composer Parts Notes 1.

In other respects it disappoints: The ten leaves which constitute Bodleian Library MS. A list of the original contents appears in two substantially identical indexes. Publication date and place: Composition Artist Credits Salve regina. Magnificat Cornysh, William William Cornysh 5 missing