Eugenia stipitata. Myrtaceae. McVaugh. Detail of ripe fruit. (Frutales de la Amazonia). LOCAL NAMES. English (eugenia); Portuguese (araçá-boi); Spanish . Eugenia stipitata. a.k.a. Araza. Large sized guava relative with bright yellow fruit having an excellent sour-acid flavor. Fruits are very juicy, up to five inches wide. Eugenia stipitata is a fruit from Amazonia rich in terpene, volatile compounds, fiber, and vitamin C. The fruit is recognized for its high antioxidant activity and has .

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As a seed bed, partly decomposed softwood is recommended while the use of earth is not advised.

Psidium firmum Savanna Guava. The weevil Plectrophoroides impressicolli feeds on the buds, tender leaves and the flowers. Callistemon pallidus Lemon Bottlebrush. Germination is not uniform and may take up to 80 days; in the conditions described, the germination rate may reach around percent.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Eugenia punicifolia Beach Cherry. The seeds are recalcitrant as that do not survive drying and freezing during ex-situ conservation.

  ISO 7811-2 PDF

Seed Availability Seeds are now available at our seed store. Photo courtesy of Peter Richardson. Campomanesia obversa Etipitata mi. Eugenia klotzschiana Brazilian Pear.

Syzygium jambos Rose Apple. Calyptropsidium sartorianum Sartre Guava. Views Read Edit View history. After one year, the plants are eigenia out on their final site. The seeds have the best germination rate when they are extracted from the completely mature fruits.

Lastly, in the case of fungi, Araza is susceptible to anthracnose. Consequently, seed beds must be established in the first five days after the seeds have been harvested. It prefers a drier, tropical environment.

Eugenia stipitata

Eugenia brogniartiana Euegnia brogniartiana. Any improvement or selection program will have to involve parameters such as appearance, color, smell, palatability and resistance of the fruit to transportation and storage.

Also genetic base is not well known and knowledge about management practices is so limited that it is impossible to make realistic projections. Tropical Plants Database, Ken Fern. This page was last edited on 23 Mayat Uses Sometimes eaten fresh, out of hand, although the fruits are quite acidic. Experimental results on fertilization suggest that organic fertilizer with manure is preferable to chemical fertilizers. Seeds are now available at our seed store.


Eugenia pitanga Savanna Pitanga. Food Research International 50 1: Melaleuca incana Gray Honey Myrtle. Eugenia aggregata Cherry of the Rio Grande. If you would like to support this site, please consider Donating. The genus was named after Francois Eugene, Prince of Savoy —an Austrian general who, with Marlborough, eugennia the Battle of Blenheim and was a distinguished patron of art, science and literature. Campomanesia adamantium White Guabiroba. Eugenia stipita, crop plant.

Psidium cattleianum Strawberry Guava. Psidium guineense Brazilian Guava.

Araca Boi – Eugenia stipitata – Seeds

Also, annual pruning and general clean up should be done. Now containing plants. The black bee Trigona branneri eats the skin, pulp and sometimes the seed of the fruit as well.

Pimenta racemosa Bay Rum. Retrieved from ” https: Close-up of the fruit Photograph by: Last update on Myrciaria dubia Camu Camu.

Syzygium cordatum Water Berry. Ugni molinae Chilean Guava. Description Shrub or small tree to ft.