Eye of Vecna Type Accessory General Name Shriveled Pebble Lore to Identify 99 Effects Doubles all 1st & 2nd level mage spells +35% resistance to magic +4. Hitting 40k means we can all take a gander at the Hand of Vecna, the Eye of Vecna, and the Dragon Orb! We’re just one step away from. Eye and Hand of Vecna. (update). Wondrous Item, Artifact, (requires attunement). Attunement: Yes. Worn in Slot: no slot required. Source: PHB. Description.

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Only his left hand and his eye survived the battle, perhaps because of the previous events in Fleeth. The user begins to act like Vecna and even believe that they are him. Dungeon Masters Guide Wizards of the Coast In both, he is listed as the god of evil secrets. When Vecna was ejected from Sigil by a party of adventurers, Iuz was freed and Vecna returned to Oerth greatly reduced in power, though still a lesser god.

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E is for Eye of Vecna — Barry McWilliams

Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. Please help to clean it up to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. They are jealous of more powerful arcane spellcasters than their ey. The Hand and Eye of Vecna possess a terrible curse. Lesser priests are known as Memories of Vecna.

Views Read Edit View history. Halmadar was defeated only after being drugged and interred alive in a tomb in the Kron Hills.


The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: If displeased, however, the eye induces frightening visions and when truly angered it tries to take control of the host, as well as blasting allies on occasion. It disappeared after the clan’s leader Paddin the Vain was overthrown.

At his empire’s height, Vecna was betrayed and destroyed by his most trusted lieutenant, a vampire called Kas the Bloody-Handedusing a magical sword that Vecna himself had crafted for him, now known as the Sword of Kas.

The Compendium Maleficarum is a book of spells, doctrines, and secrets crafted entirely from bone even the pages and penned in blood, that is on par with the Fragments of Vecna. In time, the story of Vecna became legend, and a cult formed to worship him.

At the top is Vecna himself, followed by the Voice of Vecna, which can only be filled by Vecna’s manifestation. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities.

It cannot be removed without being chopped off. These individuals displayed additional powers including the ability to detect magic, resist magic, and summon powerful fiends.

The Hand and Eye of Vecna

Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Next is the Heart of Vecna, the high priest of the cult. The Teeth of Vecna are made up of wizardsand specialize in arcane spellcasting and crafting magical items for the cult.

Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Among the gods, Ioun is something of Vecna’s antithesis, eue she would share with the world all the knowledge he would keep secret. Vecna created the Sword of Kas for his greatest servant, which contains a “portion of his consciousness. In 2nd and 3rd Edition, his greatest, and perhaps only true ally is the mysterious entity known as the Serpent.


Use of the Eye is not limited to PCs. The user eventually comes to believe that they are Vecna. He then broke free into the city of Sigilwhere he came perilously close to eje all existence to his whims. The Hand and Eye’s other abilities are chosen by the DM.

The Head of Vecna was later mentioned by Morte, a floating skull in Planescape: In CY, Halmadar escaped with the help of Vecna himself, who had by this time become a god, and sought to become even more powerful with the aid of the artifacts, which he reclaimed after destroying Halmadar. Unlike most Vecna worshippers, the Keepers reject most of the nasty and evil rituals and beliefs associated with the god; they worship him as the God of Secrets, and believe that there is vedna knowledge too evil for the world to know.

In 4th edition, Vecna’s main foes in the realm of death and undeath are KasOrcus and the Raven Queen though he would rather she rule the dead than Orcus. The Hand grants 20 Strength and deals a severe amount of cold damage.