View and Download Fostex VF16 supplement owner’s manual online. V Supplement. VF16 Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Owner’s manual, Digital multitracker • Read online or download PDF • Fostex VF- 16 User Manual. Fostex VF User Manual • Original mode • Direct recording • Fostex Audio.

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This thing is built almost like a tank. Request a new review. Hints and tips to successfully operate the VF are included according to the workflow, ranging from the actual recording to mix down process.

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After a few seconds, the unit starts saving the data and “Wait time” starts counting down. I love this unit, so far.

Fostex VF16 Supplement Owner’s Manual

Create the master tape after adjusting all tracks. Having previously owned the Fostex FD-8 as my first recorder, I knew that the Fostex would be a good unit to expand my studio with. It’s small and nice looking. Enter text from picture: Note that hard disk cables ff be connected.

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In this condition, by using the [JOG] dial, you can select “Eject”, as well as existing programs. Page 83 After a few seconds, the unit starts saving the data and “Wait time” starts counting down. When carrying out step 6 above, an existing program number is shown.

Cookies help fosstex improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Unknown file names will not be acknowledged and could cause malfunction. Ngatif just one point: Besides “All”, you can select any one of tracks 01 through 24 by rotating the [JOG] dial.


To be able to get 16 tracks plus great effects for a fair price was enough to sell me. If you want to get more in-depth, just fv your topic in the index, read the material, and jump to the recorder. Fostex is know for good quality and this is no exception. The display shows the screen for mnaual the Setup menu.

Because it was a display model, it came without a box, manuals, or even a power cord. Editing the Track The VF features a 3. Unscrew the four screws from the bottom of the main unit that are fixing the panel. I first bought a Roland Machine I forget the model and it was so complicated to operate,I sent it back. Therefore, there is no need to fostxe assemble a hard disk or to format the hard disk. For details, refer to Owners Manual of the tostex equipment. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

The event memories created in real-time by the proce- dure described above can fostexx viewed by the operation below. It is heavy enough to let you know there’s actually something inside. Extreme care should be taken when changing file names and making folders on a computer.

The VF offers compression on two channels at a time, but you have to sacrifice your on-board effects to do so. Deleting An Event Memory 1. If there are several programs set on the disk, there may be a need to select a target program. Program With the VF, the music is managed according to programs numbered 99 programs. Be careful not to apply excessive force when turning over the panel. These can be added to the recording permanently, or after the recording just to get an idea of how you want it to sound.


I’ve only had it about 4 days but I’ve already learned how to use all the basics. The level meter of the digital signal level that is currently input will appear. The learning curve is just barely steeper than that of self-explanatory. It sounds good when even trs! Note that it is also possible to move locate to any point within that time range, as well.

Fostex VF-16 Owner’s Manual

You have chosen a truly unique multitracking device. For more details, refer to the respective instructions of each item. However, if the device ID number of the fowtex the VF receives is [7F], the VF will recognizes it to perform the corresponding operation, regardless of its device ID setting.

Time will tell with a few on location recordings.

This is also a great unit for the beginning recorder. You can set the device ID from 00 to Table of Contents Add to my manal Add. It took me all of 5 minutes to find a spare AC cord around the house and to download the user manual from Fostex’s web site.

Just think of the VF as coming with a tape that is pre-programmed with a 24 hour counter. Effect Parameter Settings Effect parameter settings Here’s how to set the effect parameters. I could go on and on, but im sure the site could run out of space. This is an excellent unit. Please learn their functions before operating the VF