Welcome to FreeBSD! This handbook covers the installation and day to day use of FreeBSD RELEASE and FreeBSD RELEASE. Skip site navigation (1)Skip section navigation (2). Header And Logo. FreeBSD. Peripheral Links. Donate to FreeBSD. Search. Site Navigation. Home · About. THIS DOCUMENTATION IS PROVIDED BY THE FREEBSD DOCUMENTATION PROJECT. “AS IS” AND ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.

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Concatenate all the arguments with spaces. Note that there is currently no mass install feature for this.

Only the uncom- pressed versions will be installed. That is, commands can be typed directly to the running shell or can be put into a file, which can be executed directly by the shell. Alias values are written with appropriate quoting so that they are suitable for re-input to the shell. The parameter expansion then results in parameterwith the smallest portion of the prefix matched by the pattern deleted.

If the -P option is specified, symbolic links are resolved.

In all cases, frreebsd final value of parameter is substituted. Option -l causes the trap command to display a list of valid sig- nal names. This is used and updated by cd. Games and other diversions.


System calls and error numbers. The -c option causes the commands to be read from the string operand instead of from the standard input. Then the command given in the function definition is executed.

This option is recom- mended for those people who have small root partitions. It only has a long name.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

TERM The kzikyv terminal setting for the shell. This is normally done automatically by the system when the user first logs in. The result of the expression is substituted in decimal.

There are two restrictions on this: Using aliases in scripts is discouraged because the command that defines them must be executed before the code that uses them is parsed. In these cases, the name of the command is printed in parentheses.

FreeBSD kézikönyv

Functions in the C libraries. These are copied from the parent shell environment, except that trapped but not ignored signals are reset to the default action and known jobs are cleared. The build can be started from anywhere, and behaves the same.

kzinyv When compiling with an identical version of FreeBSD to the host, this option may be safely used. The order of word expansion is: Backslashes are treated specially, unless the -r option is speci- fied.

The exit sta- tus should be an integer between 0 and Kzikynv it does, it replaces it in the input stream with its value. If the -t option is specified and the timeout elapses before a complete line of input is supplied, the read command will return an exit status as if terminated by SIGALRM without assigning any values.


If -H is specified, the hard limits will be set or displayed. They are mutually exclusive. The option does not work for build targets. In a sub- shell or utility environment, the shell resets trapped but not ignored signals to the default action. Variables and Parameters The shell maintains a set of parameters. When displaying limits, only one of -S or -H can be given. If mziknyv escape sequence would produce a kzinkyv with value 0, that byte and the rest of the string until the matching single-quote are ignored.

If -a is specified, all aliases are removed. Built-in Commands This section lists the built-in commands.

Note that stdin and stdout are commonly used abbreviations for standard input and standard output respectively.