Congratulations on the purchase of your Freecom MusicPal. .. Insert the Freecom MusicPal software & Manual CD into your CD drive. Please. Music pal • Read online or download PDF • Freecom Technologies MusicPal User Manual. User manual for the device Freecom Technologies MusicPal. Online user manual database.

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For a detailed functional description on the Freecom Network Storage Assistant, please refer to chapter 4. You do not need the human-readable name,but it is quite useful if you want other users to find you. For your convenience If looking through the Freecom Technologies MusicPal user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions: In this screen, you can set an IP address, subnet mask, device name and workgroup name for your MusicPal.

Use freecm keypad to enter the current time and date. Please click on “Start” in the main directory of the CD.

Freecom MusicPal Functions 5. Page Freecom MusicPalAlthough the preceding example uses the entire third octet for a subnet address, notethat you are not restricted to octet boundaries in subnetting. If you are a novice in networks and routing basics, please check out Appendix “NetworkBasics” to get to know the terminology and processes used in this manual.

If during the repair of the product the contents of the hard drive are altered, deleted or in any way modified, Freecom is not liable whatsoever.


Freecom MusicPal Chapter 5: Page 38 Chapter 5: The following explains how you can connect your Freecom MusicPal by means of a routeror a direct connection to your computer. Freecom is not liable for any loss or damage to these items.

This function gives you manula facility to have another menu option called Extras in the main menu. Select a provider and insert the desired city. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Press the right-hand knob to confirm your selection. Basic Router Concepts Even though the amount of bandwidth in your local area network LAN can be provided easily and relatively inexpensively, the price of the connection to the internet is much higher. Select the continent or country you are in.

Page 25 If all input was freeccom cessful, you then move back to the Settings menu. Page maual Freecom MusicPal5. Page 29 Freecom MusicPal Functions 4. Select the desired headline to have the complete story displayed. If you wish to activate Output and to deactivate the internal loudspeaker, place a check in front of Use line-out, otherwise remove this check.

Freecom Technologies MusicPal User Manual | pages

Page 29 This feature enables you to set the period which is mysicpal elapse until the time is displayed in full-screen mode, if no control elements are being used.

Page 94 Freecom MusicPal5. WeatherThis function provides the facility to have a weather forecast displayed for differentcountries or cities.

General Information Or else contact Freecom Support for more in-depth assistance. Configuring the Freecom MusicPal through the Web interface5. Freecom MusicPal in practical usage 7.


Configuring the Freecom MusicPal through the Web interface 5. You can also configure the basic settings and quickly find the configurationwebsite using the Freecom Network Storage Assistant.

Freecom MusicPal Manuals

Mouse-click Now Playing in the left-hand menu bar. Select the Show Clock menu item.

You can download the Favorites list of the Freecom MusicPal as an m3u file. Click fixed IP address.

Freecom Technologies MusicPal user manual – – Solve your problem

Page 37 Freecom MusicPal Functions3. Page 43 Chapter 6: Select the Bass Boost menu item. Page 22 Freecom MusicPal3. Freecom is not liable for manul loss or damage to these items. Make sure it includes the f. Show Clock This feature enables you to display your system clock time and date in full-screen mode.

Freecom Technologies MusicPal user manual

When IP addressing first came out, everyone thought that there were plenty of addressesto cover any need. World Clock This function makes it possible to have the time in different countries or cities dis- played. Page Freecom MusicPal in practical usage6. Page You can change the password any time through the web configuration!