bytes, , [GEN]. Document: ITU-T SG15 (Study Period ) Temporary Document GEN. Title: FTTH Handbook. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. FTTH Handbook 1 Introduction This handbook has been developed to provide an understanding of all the. [BLU 10] BLUETOOTH SIG I., , August [FTT 10b] FTTH, FTTH Handbook, Report, Fiber to the Home Council Europe,

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Section five of IEEE There are three categories or classes of components, which are based on power and sensitivity. For example, Un-fragmented Ethernet frame as shown in the following illustration.

In case, when copper network needs to be replaced with the fiber network, then it will be considered under the Green Field Network, as the existing network will be replaced with the new network completely.

The deployment options discussed in this tutorial are based on a complete optical fiber path hhandbook the Optical Line Termination Handbokk right to the subscriber premises.

SHDSL stands for symmetric high bit rate digital subscriber line. GEM supports fragmentation and reassembly.

FTTH Handbook – Fifth Edition – Gpondoctor

The downstream handbok has a duration of microseconds and is bytes long, which corresponds to the downstream data rate of 2. One of the basic requirements of an optical system is to provide components with sufficient capacity to extend the optical signal to the expected range. Any network topology defined in IEEE Very high bit rate digital subscriber loop VDSL supports a maximum bit rate of 55 bps.


A PON technology handvook on Ethernet. The standardization process began when a new study group called Ethernet in the First Mile EFM was established in Novemberhaving as main objectives the study of Ethernet point-to-multipoint P2MP fiber with Ethernet copper.

This standard allows service providers a variety of flexible and cost effective solutions for the provision of broadband Ethernet services in the access and the metro networks. For example — Bus or linear, distributed splitting, etc. Fiber 22010 the Home or simply FTTH is a technology that uses optical fiber directly from habdbook central point to the residential premises as shown in the following image.

PMD is responsible for the interface to the transmission medium. Service is defined as a network service required by the operators. It utilizes passive optical components. Each upstream frame contains a hnadbook of transmission bursts coming from one or more ONUs. Specifically, GPON system must have a maximum mean signal transfer delay time of less than1.

FTTH – Quick Guide

The downstream transmission, i. Optical Fiber Method can be deployed in two ways: This choice facilitates high bandwidth services and content to each customer and ensures maximum bandwidth for future demands of new services.


It provides uninterrupted high-speed internet service. The bandwidth allocations to different Alloc-IDs are multiplexed hajdbook time as specified by the OLT in the bandwidth maps transmitted downstream. Ethernet has proven over time to be the ideal handboko for IP traffic. For the access of network technologies, there are normally two ways i. Green field is used where a complete new deployment is required, whereas in the Brownfield deployment, existing infrastructure will be used.

The GPON ODN, consisting of a single mode optical fiber and cable; the optical fiber ribbon cables, splices, optical connectors, passive optical splitters and passive branching components are very passive. The important factor is to configure Layer 2 channel for proper forwarding of service data.

FTTH Quick Guide

Upstream traffic has not been exposed to other ONUs, so encryption is not needed. The sublayer of physical coding PCS comprises codifications bit functions. PON system may be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. To break down the bandwidth hurdle of the access over twisted pair cables, it supports high-bandwidth transmission. PON Core shell consists of two parts. Refer the following image.