Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod is American author Gary Paulsen’s account of participating in the iconic race. Paulsen, best known. Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod. Gary Paulsen, Author Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) $26 (p) ISBN Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod. Gary Paulsen, Author Harvest Books $15 (p) ISBN

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I think this winteerdance a good and interesting story and would be worth telling. Feb 26, Alex rated it liked it. Refresh and try again. Although he was never a dedicated student, Paulsen developed a passion for reading at an early age.

The reader realizes how high the stakes are when he describes the possibility that dinterdance could be running along for hundreds of miles, only to discover paulxen he’s on an ice flow as he and his dogs pitch off the edge and into the ocean — never to be heard from again.

Paulsen is a superb writer and can flip from humor to suspense to existentialism all within the same page. I probably read this to them for the first time 10 years ago but the “The Skunk Chapter” is still a frequent request on days when we are looking for something to lighten the mood.


Paperbackpages. Yep, that’s the part I was laughing about at 2: She is the wise watcher, the person who observes Paulson as he struggles to prepare in what seems to be a detached manner.

The book is also very funny and I laughed a lot. This section contains words approx. I had come just one hundred miles.

Maybe you don’t need to be crazy to want to do this, but to stick with it after the first several hundred torturous miles, given the numerous checkpoints to bail out, you have to be out of your mind.


He also created more snapshots and exploding moments than any other book I have read. This is his memoir, of that e “But the beauty of the woods, the incredible joy of it is too alluring to be ignored, and I could not stand to be away from it–indeed, still can’t–and so I ran dogs simply to run dogs; to be in and part of the forest, the woods. Given that I’ve read it three times and recommended to no less than 50 people, there has been plenty of time for me to hear back from all those reluctant readers and not one has come back to me to tell me that they didn’t like it.

He purchases some Canadian sled dogs, Devil, Ortho, and Murphy, and on the drive back home quickly realizes the difference between family pets and Eskimo sled dogs. Which I shouldn’t need to do.

Winterdance Summary & Study Guide

He published his first book, “Special War,” in and had published nearly forty books and several articles and short stories during his early years. There is more adventure packed into these pages, that you would find, in a half a dozen other books.

Retrieved from ” https: Want to Read saving…. Gary is given dogs by friends, people wanting to be rid of winterrdance animals, and older sled dogs. Using his varied life experiences, especially those of an outdoorsman a hunter, trapper, and three-time competitor in the 1, mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog RacePaulsen writes about what he knows best.

Mar 17, Ambrosia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ever since he was fifteen, he worked many jobs to support himself. It’s about what happens when your alligator dreams overload your hummingbird behind Recommended to Erin by: This was a Book Talk Alaska selection, and I laughed so hard while I read it that I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to talk intelligently on the air.

Pick up this book and laugh out loud! The Iditarod race is so unbelievably demanding that I had to keep closing my mouth as Winterdancee read – I kept realizing that my jaw had dropped open. The book could end right then and there as he goes off the edge of a cliff, but he manages to survive and so do all his dogs.


He lives and breathes dog sledding, the American north woods, and writing.

Alaska’s Iditarod Starts Today. That somehow inspired Paulsen to decide that he wanted to run the ultimate of dog sledding events — The Iditarod.

He Gary Paulsen is crazy. Now I must go find out for myself!! Mar 14, Jimmy rated it liked it Shelves: So I thought I sort of knew what the Iditarod was all about.

Inhis first book was published under the title The Special War. Of those who know me, I doubt a single person would describe me as “outdoorsy”. Beautifully descriptive and emotive without being wordy or pretentious. He is critical of technology and has been called a Luddite. I know I read Hatchet at some point as a younger person I am prone to a certain type of YA survivalist adventure storybut that was the extent of my familiarity with Paulsen’s work.

Some things we will never get a chance to do. Mar 26, Julian rated it it was amazing. But another part of it is likely also my background. Gary Paulsen is crazy. He spent nearly a year as an associate magazine editor on a magazine for men in Hollywood, California.

Please tell pwulsen he kept the dogs! Fast paced, entertaining, and full of odd moments about a man and his dogs preparing for and running the Iditarod.