English] Mitra-Varuna: an essay on two Indo-European representations / Georges Dumezil. Inc. translated by Derek Coltman p.I’ 3-dcI9 BL6. Indo- European. In his work, the late Georges Dum├ęzil, arguably the most important modern mythologist, In effect, Mitra-Varuna presents an archaeology of representations of. Mitra-Varuna by Georges Dumezil, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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And those heroes, O King, who have achieved their heroism here on earth, it will be destruction for them, all of them, below, and a cause for universal anger sa tvam evamvidham yajnam arhitasi katham nr pa prthivyam rajavamsanam vinaso yatra drsyate?

Zeus killed Kampe, who tended their shackles, and unbound them o 8t rhv gpovpovaav amav ra 3copa Kapnnv anoKreivac eXvoc.

Mitra-Varuna: An Essay on Two Indo-European Representations of Sovereignty by Georges Dum├ęzil

They regard them not as demons but as genies, who have their own life and customs and with whom it is best to maintain good relations. Lycurgus did not succeed Theseus, since each ruled his own city; Numa, on the other hand, did succeed Romulus.

A battle shall arise Let me briefly recapitulate their similarities apart from penal immunity, and apart from the singular gravity of brahmanicide and the crime inherent in flamini manus iniicere. This text explains that Mitra and Varuna were once distinct agre nanevasatuh ; but that, whereas Mitra brahman could subsist apart from Varuna ksatrathe reverse was not the case, and that, consequently, Varuna said to Mitra: These two conceptions god of battles, god of law are not contradictory.


Faced with certain tendencies in Indian thought, the reader might in fact have received the impression that oppositions of this type had a limitless field of application, that they constituted a method of division that could be used for all the concepts comprised in representations of the world. I am thinking here, in particular, of Chapter 83 of Book VII of the Ramayana, in which Rama, preparing to celebrate rajasuya, is dissuaded by his brother.

Mitra-Varuna : An Essay on Two Indo-European Representations of Sovereignty

Mihai rated it it was amazing Sep 01, Once bound, the wolf will not be able to free itself, Tyr will lose his hand, but the gods will be saved.

The Pious Line and the Warlike Line: As for the methods, both comparative and analytic, that I am attempting to employ and also to perfect, there is little more to be said than can be found in the prefaces to my most recent books.

Now, it so happens that Bhaga is the god who has lost his eyes and Savitr the god who has lost his hands.

Similarly, it would be hypercritical to dismiss as pure auctorial imagination the commentary that Snorri offers on strophe 29 of the Voluspa Gylfaginningvarruna Jonathan rated it really liked it Oct 14, Before that, however, I shall set out clearly the constants and variables encountered so far.

Such ruses are customary in India cf.

Others warned me that I was risking repetitions, regrets, and all sorts of awkwardnesses that would produce an extremely bad effect. In particular, he has an unfortunate affinity with human sacrifice, both ritually and mythically.


Paraskara Grhyasutra, II, 4, 8. Gustavo Melro rated it it was amazing Aug 02, Rudra shot his arrow, and Prajapati fell.

But the result is the same: The rites were performed by a brotherhood that played no other role in Roman life but which, on that one day alone, threw asideall restraint. Such agreement leads one to think that this theme was customary in the symbolism and mythology of varua sovereignty, as early as the time of the Indo- European community. Muir Original Sanskrit Texts, V,p.

Mitra-Varuna : an essay on two Indo-European representations of sovereignty in SearchWorks catalog

Advanced search Search history. That is true in our modern world, and it was true among the ancient Germans. Nomegor rated it it was amazing Mar 20, IOasse, ,13, sectionspp.

In his work the late Georges Dumezil, arguably the most important modern mythologist, demonstrated that every Indo-European religious and social system was structured according to three primary functions: The Luperci, they say, were imitating the pastoralis iuventus, the young men who had gathered around Romulus georrges Remus. Even so, the comparison is an instructive one.