De Balzac. It was one o’clock in the morning, during the winter of , but in the Vicomtesse de Grandlieu’s salon two persons stayed on who did not. De Balzac. It was one o’clock in the morning, during the winter of –30, but in the Vicomtesse de Grandlieu’s salon two persons. Complete summary of Honoré Balzac’s Gobseck. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Gobseck.

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So gloomy was it, that the gaiety of eldest sons forsook them on the stairs before they reached my neighbor’s door. When he has learned what life is by dint of painful experiences, the fiber of him is toughened, and acquires a certain elasticity, so that he has his sensibilities under his own control; he disciplines himself till his nerves are like steel springs, which always bend, but never break; given a sound digestion, and a man in such training ought to live as long as the cedars of Lebanon….

In six or seven years’ time you will understand the importance of this secret, and you will be well rewarded then for your quickness and obedience, you will know then how much I love you. His face, working with the last emotions of life, was almost hideous to see. I took the keys of the rooms on the first and second floor to make a visitation. An interesting little story, which indirectly continues the tale started in Father Goriot.

The typical knight errant of our salons, our boudoirs, our boulevards, an amphibian half-way between a man and a woman—Maxime de Trailles is a singular being, fit for anything, and good for nothing, quite as capable of perpetrating a benefit as of planning a crime; sometimes base, sometimes noble, more often bespattered with mire than besprinkled with blood, knowing more of anxiety than of remorse, more concerned with his digestion than with any mental process, shamming passion, feeling nothing.

The oldest boy is a charming young fellow——’. I had given him my promise that I would introduce him the next day to our Papa Gobseck. This episode not only has the substance of a literary form longer than the short story, but it also forms part of a larger literary work — Old Goriot.


Are you still of the opinion that there are no delights behind the blank mask which so often has amazed you by its impassiveness? To us—the portress, the old pensioner, and myself—he looked like one of the old Romans standing behind the Consuls in Lethiere’s picture of the Death of the Sons of Brutus. Derville,” said the Vicomtesse, “an attorney is not a mother of daughters nor yet a preacher.

Maxime stepped up to her, and, low as he spoke, I could catch the words: The Countess was visibly wavering.

The little, wizened old man had grown great. All the windows look on the street; the whole dwelling, in claustral fashion, is divided into rooms or cells of equal size, all opening upon a long corridor dimly lit with borrowed lights.

If anyone insults me, I lay my man out; nobody is a surer shot or handles a rapier better than your servant. The rapacious and eponymous money-lender is the central figure in this novella, but he crops up in a number of the other works as a minor character — in Old GoriotCesar Birotteauand The Unconscious Comedians You would be compelled at once to produce the diamonds deposited with you, according to the weight, value, and cutting therein described.

And Derville, a man of high character, well informed, modest, and pleasant in company, became the house-friend of the family. No one has any notion of what he is eating or drinking or saying. All the women lose their heads over him.

Gobseck by Honoré de Balzac

A worthy soul of a father drowned himself because he could not support his family. Gobxeck are hurried on by the presumptuous voice of vanity and pride, on the faith of a smile, or through giddiness and folly! There was a time, when I was young, and might perhaps have been stupid enough not to protest the bill.

I have no one but you to trust to in the draft of the counter-deed, which will declare that this transfer is a simulated sale, and that Gobseck as trustee will administer my estate as he knows how to administerand undertakes to make over my fortune to my eldest son when he comes of age.

He describes a morning recovering debts from clients. If you do not carry out my orders, I shall get up and go myself. She would be so nice to me, she would talk to me in that ingratiating tone peculiar to endorsers of bills, she would pour out a torrent of coaxing words, perhaps she would beg and pray, and I It is said that she held out for a long while before she gave the signature required by French law for the sale of blzac property; nevertheless the Count gained his point. I should find it very hard to say——’ “‘A truce to jesting, sir!


The Countess immediately took advantage of my slip.

Gobseck by Honoré de Balzac « La Comedie Humaine by Balzac

An understanding of how to make money from money? But now the new Brazilian diamonds have become a glut on the market, though they balazc no wise as good as the Asian gems which the Comtesse has brought him. He was sitting in his armchair, motionless as a statue, staring fixedly at the mantel-shelf, where he seemed to read the figures of his statements.

It was refreshing to my lungs. Gobseck’s faithful old portress, with her husband, a pensioner, who sat in the entry while she was upstairs, was still his housekeeper and charwoman, and now in addition his sick-nurse. Give the Odiot service to your wife.

Merely as the children of a once-loved wife, now fallen from her position, gobsrck have a claim to an assured existence.

Gobseck by Honoré de Balzac

Say that he is expected back at the end of the week. He failed in all of these efforts. The world will say that I am a Jew, a Tartar, a usurer, a pirate, will say that I have ruined you!

Gobseck has reduced all of human society to one word: But, at the same time, I knew quite well that while he had millions of francs at his command, he possessed the world no less in idea — that world which he had explored, ransacked, weighed, appraised, and exploited.

No one has any notion of what he is eating or drinking or saying. A Drama On The Seashore.