Dark Matter, REPOhistory Lower Manhattan Sign Project REPOhistory, Creative Tools 4 Critical Times. Committed to Print MoMA , New Museum Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture (Marxism and Culture) [Gregory Sholette] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . The book Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture, Gregory Sholette is published by Pluto Press.

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I ended up devouring this book and finding a lot of inspiration within shopette – admittedly my review rings mattter shallow given the depth of the concepts Sholette digs into! Just about the time REPOhistory became entangled with the administration of Rudolph Giuliani inthe Mayor had lost an important case brought against him and the City for confiscating the work of artists who were selling art on city sidewalks.

Fewston rated it liked it.

One of the key questions addressed in my book Dark Matter: Lily Alan rated it really liked it Aug 17, Amid all this, Scholette has a light touch and explores complex and demanding issues in an accessible way with a commendable avoidance of the dense often impenetrable language and exclusionary jargon as well as the tendentiousness that can often mar this area of work. And the American people are getting fed up with a tipped scale that is constantly in favor of the ones with their finger immorally balancing the odds against the actual majority, the low culture represented in dark matter.

Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture by Gregory Sholette

Finally, a history of collective precarity from a politicized artist. This is where the book became more useful for me, not as analysis of the artistic sector but in its exploration of the politics and practices of immaterial labour in cultural work. In his exquisite and theoretically informed style Gregory Sholette investigates the problematic functions mather art practices in the processes of neoliberal appropriation, but above all the wild, explosive and deterritorialising lines that are drawn in the dark matter between art and politics’ – Gerald Raunig is a philosopher and art theorist who lives shholette Vienna, Austria.


Indeed, to some degree this has already begun to take shape via media applications of Web 2.

Dark Matter

The final lines of my book allude to this haunting though unpredictable power by suggesting that every now and again. REPOhistory made the past uncomfortable for the present, directly on the streets of the city.

Preview — Dark Matter by Gregory Sholette. Rejecting sleep, embracing redundancy, acknowledging the archive: Rebecca rated it liked it Dec 26, Middlethought rated it it was amazing Aug 05, Didn’t exactly rock my world; I read chapters which were usefulskimmed the rest.

As early as art historian Carol Duncan pinpointed a fundamental, though typically overlooked feature of high culture: Pippypippy Madden rated it really liked it Aug 05, The Grin of the Archive 3.

High art light matter is viewed as all art that is nationalized and well-known. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Nights of Amateurs Notes Bibliography Appendix: It is the dawn of the dead.

Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture

Who is to sit back and judge intrinsic worth by placing a monetary figure on it? Overall, too much focus on culture jamming experiments of the past, not enough freshness the book came out in Gregory explores these issues, as well as the differences between professionals and amateur Dark Matter: He is the author of Art and Revolution ‘Masterfully illuminates the configurations, ideas, and behaviours of collectives dedicated to cultural resistance.


Michelle Teran rated it liked it Jun 28, Sholette provides an invigorating if not occasionally dense investigation into collective and sholete creative practice in the primarily American “Left”. I had been quietly suffering through a couple years of creative “low” when I read this book, and the suggestions and examples the author provides hit very close to home in a welcome way. Digital technology also functions like a prosthetic memory permitting the excluded to document and narrate ephemeral, every day activities and overlooked forms of expression or resistance.

When that day comes, Americans will wake up with eyes no longer disillusioned by their own greatness. After all, this shadowy surplus plays a key role in the art world by purchasing art supplies, trade magazines, and museum memberships, while also serving the system in the role of studio assistants, interns often unpaidadjunct teachers always underpaidart fabricators and installers and so on.

Bill Gusky rated it really liked it Apr 19, This book certainly allows us to give a name to, and begin to focus grrgory, the creativity and cultural resistance that exists outside the art world proper.

Shows that the elite of the art world are sustained by new forms and styles created by artists outside the mainstream. Open Preview See a Problem? It may be flawed and partial, but it represents a good sholettee towards developing a discourse that I think needs to embed itself outside of the academy — within the fields of dark matter itself. Battles for Justice in New York City.