Guardianes del día (Дневной дозор en ruso, trans. Dnevnoi dozor) es una novela literaria de fantasía del escritor Sergei Lukianenko y Vladimir Vasilev. Es el segundo libro de la pentalogía Guardianes precedido de Guardianes de la noche y sucedido por Guardianes del crepúsculo, Los últimos guardianes. Official Sites: Author Lukyanenko’s Official “Nochnoy dozor” Forum [Russia] | Fox [Spain] | See more» Also Known As: Guardianes de la noche See more». Guardianes de la noche / Night Watch by Serguei Lukyanenko at uk – ISBN – ISBN – Debolsillo –

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It’s basically pages of Anton wandering around not knowing what to do. And then it becomes a love story and my love for the book slips into mere appreciation.

Guardianes del día – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Sacrifice of the few for the many. In America, there is often an implication of economics and social status. I had my husband read this first, after he read the Russian version, so he could tell me how good the translation was he was born in Russia. Dd prologue has been dubbed in English and contains more voice-over exposition on the “Others”. The fault lies with the author, it was one of his earlier books, and it’s a little Acting was on par with anything else I’ve seen.

I am particularly fond of Olga and Semyon, both experienced Others: This means that over time, his stories become a little predictable. Well let’s be honest, nothing different many other fantasy novelist haven’t written in the past. Clearly this is the real deal, the product of a powerful Dark Magician.


T i e r r a F r e a k: La saga de las Guardias rusas – El Gabinete del Dr. Morholt.

Jun 09, Belinda rated it really liked it Shelves: It was meant to be a game about moral ambiguity and supernatural politics, though the execution was uneven, to say the least, and most games wound up being more like Book-of-Revelation-flavored superhero battles. Apparently the Russian version of this book has a Please note: Really, what is happening is you are in control, you cause say a affect due to your action, then attribute that to being ‘influenced’ by your angel or demon.

Don’t miss this one – it’s a terrific oa. The first enter into Twilight defines ones destiny. In the first part of the book, Others must save Egor, a young boy, future Other, from a female vampire, who illegally tried to kill him.

The faith Light Magicians used to have when they sent entire armies to their deaths, and marched in the front ranks themselves? So, the biggest part of the novel is the arguable moral value, philosophy of right and wrong, and acceptance that nothing really is black and white.

Guardianes De La Noche/ Guards of the Night

And Lukyanenko, with all this talk about good and evil, makes sure we never lose sight of the balance between the two forces, which is necessary for peace.

Of course to do so would result in him being trapped in the Twilight forever. If there is a problem with this book, it is that it becomes a little one-note after a while. There is a treaty between Luoyanenko and Darkness that both sides need to adhere to and it allows very little direct intervention from either side. Discussing it briefly with Daniel after he recently read A Matter of Death and Life it occurred to me that the authors who luktanenko up under Communism and faced with a rich literary history, that includes people like Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Anton Chekhov referenced by Lukyanenko in the third story, have a quite unique approach to contemporary world fiction.


Paperbackpages. Anton was made a seer, able to see the future. He wants to do good and is continuously frustrated that even the smallest good deed means allowing the Dark to get away with something in exchange. I bet it will make the perfect airplane book.

Even so, I did enjoy this very much. He then turns and the reverse shot shows a different scene on the TV but the audio has continued from the original scene, a lot earlier in the show.

View all 24 comments. Because quite often life, honestly, sucks, and you can’t have it all, and you can’t be whatever you want to be regardless of what people tell you. One down, two to go.

I prefer the secret quirk, the half-hidden monster, the dark hint of something other. Basically, he still tries to make the world fit neatly into black and white categories while being confronted repeatedly with the gjardianes gray of real life.

Inevitably To begin with I’m out of sympathy with the basic idea.

At no point is the reason these watches exist well explained. Books by Sergei Lukyanenko. Would anyone be willing to offer any insight?