I’ve been looking to read more of Harry Lorayne’s work. I thought his Apocalypse series would be a great place to continue, since I’ve heard. They are awesome books. There are tons upon tons of magic in all the books. I would like to buy them all myself. You could probably live off the. Actually i had taken about 6 months break from magic. But now im back. i have thought of getting the harry lorayne’s apocalypse voles 1 to

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A Psychological False Count. You can get it brand new with shipping included! It is also a good book of ideas. I love Apocalypse as well.

Overhand Shuffle Stack Extension. Inspired by Into Orbit Ron Ferris Additions To HaLo’s Revenge. The Automatic Gambler is Back. Variations Parker Varies Regal P. And given the chance I will perform “Now! Have a question about this product? Do whatever you can to secure a set.


You can check them out at: Get it – you won’t be sorry. Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. View our Frequent Questions. Now that I’ve been slowly looking for other books again I thought his Apocalypse series would be a great place to continue, since I’ve heard great things about it and collected anthologies are some of my favorites.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Are Harry Lorayne’s Apocalypse books a must on a magician’s shelf ?

The volumes are legendary, and belong in every magicians library. You can ask the monitors to remove the offending posts.

Do you want to respond to this review? I hope you locate a set for yourself soon Rich! Inspired by Matchmaker’s Chart Richard Vollmer The Visible Bang Ring. Close the Cirlce, Expanded.

Apocalypse Vol. 16-20

Coins Across to Glass. I can’t say to much about Apocalypse but there definitely is some amazing material withing it. A Spectator Ace Cut. Mar 4, Related to Rising Dough Dan Harlan Houdini Casts a Spell. You are in line at the bookstore and they are closing in 1hr 45 mins? Principle to an Extreme.


Variations Numero Trois Blair Bowling EvanAndrews Regular user California Posts. Aug 6, Off On A Bender. Jul 7, Chance’s Token Tarot cards in a scenic piece of mystery Suit Cut to Orde.

Terry Miller New user 6 Posts. No, create an account now. I would like to buy them all myself. This page was created in 0. MorrisCH Apocalhpse user Posts. Showing the Most Helpful Newest. Otherwise wouldn’t have posted here Only Aces Left – Right?

To Mix or not to Mix. The Professor Strikes Again. Dick Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?

Ace of Spades collects other aces. As much as I like Apocalypse, its just so much stuff to go through. What can I say. Still The Wrong Ones!