Announcements. New to the game? Check out the links on the FAQ page. Live streams wiki. Match threads: How to request a thread via the bot. Harsha Bhogle speaks about Excellence at IIM Ahmedabad. Email me for info on how to get Harsha Bhogle speech DVDs for free. You can. Harsha Bhogle is an Indian cricket Commentator and journalist. He was born in a Marathi speaking family in Hyderabad.

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Garsha is the biggest stumbling block to success. Can you please send the dvd of the same. Tejo and all, please become fan of Brijux. Forget how poorly Indian cricket team members are doing-performing on the ground ofcourse not in ad-studios. Ankit Kumar Murarka February 15,5: Grey Meter Bhogle emphasized the role that failure plays in making any man a success.

Harsha Bhogle – Achievers of Excellence @ IIM Ahmedabad

Nilesh March 21, I am really fan of Him. Brijesh October 20,4: Vasant June 5,4: And he did those 55 days in a row.

It was the most wonderful speech I have ever heard. This is excellence as Harsha said! He practiced for two hours, play iiim game, practice for two hours and fall asleep on the dining table. Hi Brijesh, Thanks for this wonderful work. Experience in china bhole real dudes. Brijesh June 17,4: Threads for non-bot matches or when the bot breaks can be created by starting a self post with “Match Thread: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sidhanta Patnaik May 11,7: So mostly it matters what you make out of what you have, instead of whining about what you have.


I had no one to look up to… So I hung around with the crew. Dorothea Figueroa May 30,1: Please let me know how to get this. Kavit Shah July 19,3: Brijesh December 30,6: Nav December 19,8: Hey Brijesh, Is there any link to down load this video?

Harsha Bhogle speech on Talent vs Attitude at IIM Ahmedabad. : Cricket

We usually set ourselves the end or the result goals. I wanted to have this with me. I would love to do that. Speecy I hate BlackBerry Previous post: The Aussies will never say that we have lost.

I have given only some of the messages that he has outlined, but the speech contains a lot of examples to support the messages, and makes more sense.

Brijesh November 29,5: This means you are not great already! Hi i like speech. I have seen this like thousand times, infact I all all the Harsha Bhogle Quotes. Nilesh Mehta June 16,5: I wish to see more of such inspiring posts.



While I highly recommend that you listen to the whole speech 70 minutes totally β€” in two parts linked to β€” in the previous line, I have compiled the important messages from that speech in this post bhogke that people without much time can read it. Hello Brijesh, Great video man!!!

harrsha Vasant, I am glad that you liked the videos. Its a great inspiration watching this. Shradha November 25, The speech helps me to remain positive. No posting personal information, witch-hunting, or harassing others.

Deep Kumar October 9,2: Want to have personal Email of Harsha. I dont understand bhoglee are you looking for exactly. Long before television moved from tapes to discs, everything had to be logged.

Check out the links on the FAQ page. Anil September 28,5: Always live in present. How to get it from you.