In offering the two Latin words mundus imaginalis as the title of this discussion, I intend to treat a precise order of reality. It is perhaps worth making this essay available here in spite of the fact that it can also be found online here in a different translation. This pdf. Henry Corbin’s Mundus Imaginalis, Sufism, neurological damage, psychic opening, and imagination gone awry. by Barbara Croner & Sheila.

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Published first published January 1st Jason-Jamal Jennings rated it it was amazing Dec 02, This means that no matter how high you might be able to go by rockets or Sputniks, you will never have progressed one inch toward Na-Koja-Abad, because the “threshold” will not have been crossed.

It is by means of this transmutation that all progression in spiritual space is accomplished, or, rather, this transmutation is itself what spatializes that space, what causes space, proximity, distance, and remoteness to be there.

His major works in English translation are: Platonism, expressed in terms of the Zoroastrian angelology of ancient Persia, illuminated the path that I was seeking.

Three years later he took Henry Corbin was a philosopher, theologian and professor of Islamic Studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, France. For a more complete study of the topics dealt with here, cf. The second is the years between andin which he studied Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi and the School of Illumination in Istanbul.

Princeton University Press, For what follows, ibid. Sutterfield marked it as to-read Sep 13, It is the organ that permits the transmutation of internal spiritual states into external states, into vision-events symbolizing with those internal states.

He asks to be taken to the principal mosque. When he emerges from the Spring, he has achieved the Aptitude that makes him like a balm, a drop of which you distill in the hollow of your hand by holding it facing the sun, and which then passes through to the back of your hand. We ought here to examine the extensive theory of the witnesses to that other world. The philosophical life and career cprbin Corbin can be divided into three phases.

And there is the world of pure archangelic Intelligences. Henry Corbin, Terre ceteste et corps de resurrection: John Allen rated it it was amazing Jul 06, Thus in the cosmology of Avicenna, which derives from ancient Persian Zoroastrianism, we find the intermediate universe full of celestial souls each of which resonate with a particular archangel above them and a material sphere below them, in ten degrees of emanation from the First Intelligence which itself derives from the One Divine Being.


Alex marked it as to-read Jul 24, A Jungian perspective on the return of the return of the feminine through addiction and recovery. What Sohravardi means by being “beyond the mountain of Qaf is that he himself, and with him the mnudus theosophical tradition of Iran, represents the composite of the mystical cities of Jabalqa, Jabarsa, and Hurqalya.

The Legacy of Henry Corbin: Mundus Imaginalis or the Imaginary and the Imaginal

The Imam signals to one of his pages, who gives the traveler a purse, take him by the hand, and guides him through the gardens. In this paper, I intend to explore the nature of this encounter in the context of the neoplatonism of the Islamic mystical philosophers to whom Corbin dedicated his life and work.

He decides to imagnalis the group. I can only refer here to a few texts. His major works in English translation are: Its witnesses were afterward perfectly conscious that they had been “elsewhere”; they are not schizorphrenics. Jon Frankel rated it really liked it Jan 07, See our muncus “La place de Molla Sadrda Shirazi ob.

This is why we are confronted here with a term that, at first sight, may seem to us to be the exact equivalent of the term imaginailswhich in turn is not listed in any of the classical Greek dictionaries and was created by Thomas More imaginalie an abstract concept to denote the absence of any localization, of any given situs in the kind of space that can be explored and controlled by our sense experience. Up to this point, we are imagginalis more or less on the geographical map.

In fact, the Persian word abad stands for a city, a cultivated region that is inhabited and consequently an expanse. I know how many commentaries can be applied to these tale depending upon whether we are metaphysicians, traditionalist or not, or whether we are psychologists.

Mundus Imaginalis, or The imaginary and the Imaginal

Princeton University Press, ]. The former entailed the separation of the observer from 1 H. This is supposed to be a desirable thing, expanding your capacity for creativity, grace, and mystical fun.


There are luxuriant vegetation and abundant streams. It may be said that this is the reason for the extraordinary gravity of mystical epic poems written in Persian from ‘Attar to jami and to Nur ‘Ali1-Shahwhich constantly amplify the same archetypes in new symbols.

Mundus Imaginalis or the Imaginary and the Imaginal

Sayyed Shamsoddin These conversations compose a first initiation into the secret of the Hidden Imam; they take place sometimes in the shadow of: Conversely, owing to this act of being, these worlds are present in it. The choice of the two words had begun to become inevitable for me some time ago, because I found it impossible to content myself with the word imaginary for what I had to translate or to describe.

Karl added it Aug 28, For instead of the image being elevated to the level of a world that would be proper to it, instead of it appearing invested with a symbolic functionleading to an internal sense, there is above all a reduction of the image to the level of sensory perception pure and simple, and thus a definitive degradation of the image. This is when they become symbols, and this manifestation implies that a spiritual life in no way turns itself away from the world but on the contrary engages even more fully with it in order to penetrate to its depths.

Jasmine rated it liked it Mar 04, However, despite all our efforts, we cannot prevent that, in current and non-premeditated usage, the term imaginary is equated with the unreal, with something that is outside the framework of being and existing, in brief, with something Utopian. It is there, at the heart of being, in the shade of the Tree and at the edge of the Spring, that the sanctuary is found where the Hidden Imam may be most closely approached.

Prayer is the “supreme act of the creative imagination”. Corbin have been published regularly in French in the Eranos Jahrbiicher.