Sep 14, El hexagrama 31 es llamado 咸 (hsien), “El Influjo”. Hexagram Xián, Affect and affection. Gua Poem: Affect, expansion Harvest – determination. To take a woman is auspicious. The great image. Connect what belongs together. Don’t diminish your involvements. Get rid of personal ambition and accept all the people. Beware of bigotry, prejudice.

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Look-up any I Ching. Avoid action until you wake up to what’s going on. The dynamic third line, in a dynamic place, wants to run after line four, which is said here to be the seat of hexagraja mind. Get rid of personal ambition and accept all the people. Please allow the Self to direct the Work. A note on iFate’s I Ching translation: Observing how a special someone walks through their life will teach all you need to know about the situation at hand.

Changes to 45 Gathering Together. Remember that power and wisdom are not always the same thing.

This inner re-balancing lets you make your way in life. It conjoins your thighs.

31 Conjoining XIAN

If we gladly accord with others, we shall come to no harm. This turns your inner self-restraint into a liberating awareness of the whole. To talk is to use words, and words are a product of the mental realm. What is the motive behind someone’s foot work?


Thus does the superior person accept people with openness. Should he hxeagrama, there will be good fortune. The third line, dynamic, shows one moving his thighs, and keeping close hold of those whom he follows.

The lower trigram of the youngest son supports the upper trigram of the youngest daughter in happy union. Her hexagdama by means of speech will only be that of garrulous flattery. Youngest Daughter and Youngest Son, the Mediator and the Gatekeeper, create stimulating ideas that articulate an inner field.

But neither is the man’s power of any great consequence. And I come to recognize two beings in my self: We are all interconnected and we all affect each other’s lives.

To marry a girl is good fortune. Hold the empty center. The image of a marsh over a mountain forms Initiative.

A place to hold-on-to the below indeed. Holds to that which follows it.

31: Mutual Attraction

Stimulation in hexayrama big toe. Be sensitive with feedback. Begin the inner journey. This is the way of the Wu or Spirit-Intermediaries who call the spirits and set out their omens for others. This implies that the will is fastened upon external matters. Coming and going ceaselessly, companions follow your thoughts. If the ego is “unsettled in its movements,” only its “friends” analogous complexes within the psyche will respond. Without changing lines this hexagram suggests that you examine your impulses and motivations to act and see if they are truly in accordance with the goals of the Work.


There will be evil. This influence inspires you to burst forth in passionate speech. Beware of bigotry, prejudice, small-mindedness.

I Ching Hexagram 31 – Hsien (Influence/Wooing) | Cafe au Soul

The transformative process of the Pair All cause for sorrow will disappear. Feeling his cheeks, jowls, and tongue. This is not a direct translation of the original “Book of Changes” from BC. Do not get swept off your feet by this powerful influx. The superior man frees his mind of preoccupation so that he is open to the influence of others.