The bread that I will give. Is My flesh for the life of the world. And if you eat of this bread. You shall live for ever. You shall live for ever 3. Unless. Results 1 – 30 of 65 Celebrating the life, wisdom, and music of Sr. Suzanne Toolan, author and composer of “I Am the Bread of Life” and other beloved Catholic. Celebrating the life, wisdom, and music of Sr. Suzanne Toolan, author and composer of “I Am the Bread of Life” and other beloved Catholic hymns. by Suzanne.

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Suzanne Toolan, ; Betty Pulkingham, Meter: Mid-Atlantic More than sisters serving in twenty states and two countries.

Hymnary Friends,

Taruna Dsouza Wednesday, November 21, 5: Sister Suzanne is a dear friend and a wonderful example of Mercy. This is certainly one of the greatest Catholic hymns ever written!

Visit for more- Health is God. Because of what you taught me back in and I have fond memories of music, playing piano and guitar by ear with your constant encouragement. We sing it frequently at my church, and it remains a strong connection to her for me. It is included in hymnals of other Christian faith traditions. I cannot thank Sister Suzanne enough for the gift of grace we have all received lige her song. The story of how this came about is quite remarkable — God even works through the trash!


I sang it as a Catholic, and now as a member of an Episcopalian congregation, continue to enjoy singing it at a choir member!

But then, I noticed the Tune stayed in my head, and the Words snugged themselves into my Heart. I am the resurrection I am the life If you believe in Me Even though you die You shall live for ever 5.

GIA Publications – I Am the Bread of Life

The Freshman girl in this story, is my mother, Virginia Leyes. Posted on April 9, at 4: With One Voice Delivered by FeedBurner Search for Books: More than sisters serving in two states and the Philippines.

I live on Long Island, New York. Songwriting with Mercy Connect With Mercy: Your donations help us do that. It truly is a staple in Christian Worship. Posted on September 3, at 1: Its tessitura is too low. I am the Bread of life Composer: I was warmly welcomed by Sister Marguerite, who after a brief visit in the foyer of Mercy Center, led me down two flights of stairs to where I was to meet Thhe Suzanne.


John the Baptist in Canton, Ohio shared this on Facebook! You have gained a breaad fan. I could never figure out how the hymn became popular. God bless you sister! I just wanted to tell you how much I love this beautiful hymn!

The Story of “I Am the Bread of Life”

West Midwest More than sisters serving in 16 states and one country. Then I know the hymn has done its work.

Suzanne Toolan, RSM, b. Yes, a source of comfort!

Choral I Am the Bread of Life. One of my very favorites!

Or you can make your tax-deductible contribution by sending a check to Hymnary. Posted on April 8, at 8: