The present study was undertaken to test the chemopreventive effects of one herbal medicinal plant, Indigofera aspalathoides, on chemically. The treatment by I. aspalathoides on fibrosarcoma bearing rats has improved the levels Indigofera aspalathoides (I. aspalathoides) treatment for rat arthritis is. Abstract: Civarvembu/ Sivanimba is botanically equated to Indigofera aspalathoides Vahl ex. DC. (Leguminosae). The plant is prescribed for eczema, psoriasis.

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Israeli Journal of Aquaculture. Rajendran K, Anie shirwaikarb, Srinivasan KK, Short term hypoglycemic and anti hyperglycaemic studies on alcoholic extract of Indigofera aspalathoidesJournal of Natural medicines ; 4 2: In the evaluation of therapeutic efficacy of an aqueous extract of Indigofera aspalathoides against growth of transplanted experimental fibro sarcomas in wistar male albino rats, reduced tumour size was noted in drug treated group of animals.

This compound belongs to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs.

Ip C, Daw T. The observed increase in the levels of DNA, RNA, hexose, hexosamine, and sialic acid in liver and kidney tissues of aspakathoides animals reached near normal state after the treatment with aqueous extracts of Indigofera aspalathoidessuggesting that Indigofera aspalathoides does have a chemotherapeutic role.

Raosangkima G, Prasad SB. Plama glycoproteins in malignant disesase. Aspalathoidess may act as a nitrogen trap and the cells are more efficient in utilizing amino acids for gluconeogenesis [27].

Indigofera Aspalathoides Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

The walls are thick with minute cuticular spires. At the lower dosages assayed, no signs of illness were noted at any time of post challenge. Effect of acetic acid concentration on the color reaction in the o-toluidine-boric acid method. They not only help to treat diseases but also helpful to regain good health in which the pharmaceutical drugs are lacking.


Indian journal of Pharmacology ; 36 1: At the molecular level, cancer is caused by abnormal gene expression.

Shrub, much branched; young stems appressed-pubescent with white hairs, later glabrescent; stipules minute, setaceous; leaves sessile, digitate, subfasciculate, foliolate; leaflets linear to obovate, often aspalathkides, about -7 mm long, 1 mm wide or less, obtuse at the apex, cuneate at the base, glabrous above, sparsely appressed-pubescent beneath; flowers about mm long, solitary, axillary, on pedicels about 5 mm long; bracts minute, setaceous; calyx The dried extract and standards were made up to 3 mL with ferric chloride-uranyl acetate reagent.

The extract was filtered and concentrated on a water bath. Results of a clinicohistopathologic correlation in a series of cases. Calcium oxalate crystals of prismatic type are fairly asoalathoides in the leaf mesophyll, cortical cells of the stem and phloem parenchyma of the root.

Chemicals cause cancer either directly or more often, after metabolic activation. This result evidently indicated the anticancer potency of the plant. Elevated activities of marker enzymes were observed in serum, liver and kidney of fibrosarcoma bearing Group II animals. This review focuses the lot of medicinal properties of the plant through the scientific validation and strongly supports the traditional claim.

The present study is to further know this plant’s chemopreventive role on some more parameters like total DNA and RNA content and on parameters like hexose, hexosamine, and sialic acid.

In antioxidant studies the alcohol extract of Indigofera aspalathoides and Bauhinia variegata was found to have antioxidant effect against free radicals, LPO, SOD, catalase and GPx generated during paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicity when compared to control group animals.


But in Group III drug-treated animals, these protein levels were reverted back to near normal condition as compared with Group II fibrosarcoma animals. The filtrate was again concentrated in a Indigpfera dish and dried in vacuum. Aspalathoires cycles are treated in the field for Life Cycle. The filtrate was again concentrated in a China dish and dried in vacuum.

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A study on non enzymatic antioxidants such as reduced glutathione, Vitamin Aspalathoudes, Vitamin E and total thiols by us also indicated that after the treatment with the aqueous extract of I.

Table 1 shows the levels of lipids, such as total indgofera, phospholipids and free fatty acids in liver and kidney of control and experimental animals. Histopathological studies of liver section showed regenerative changes in hepatocytes after the treatment with alcohol extracts of Indigofera aspalathoides and Bauhinia variegata.

Changes in sialic acid content in serum lipoprotein fractions of cancer patients. Fibrosarcoma was induced in Wistar strain male albino rats by methylcholanthrene.

Indigofera – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

The method of Burton [ 19 ] was followed for DNA estimation. The leaf is trifoliate, pale green, obanceolate, digitate, sessile and crowded on the young branches, stipules minute. This was stored in refrigerator for further and future use. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. But after the treatment with Indigofera aspalathoides, there was a marked decrease in the content of these two nucleic acids suggesting that the plant extract might have controlled their biosynthesis indicating the tumoricidal effect during cancer therapy.