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The member who kindly made change eventually built an impressive machine which made change automatically. Beethoven’s 9th Symphony also communicates, in a way. Referring to a club member of the time. A duty of guides at club open houses. It was a large flat cart on casters. This distinguishes the TNP the railroad that the club nominally modeled, called the Tech Nickel Plate from the layout of krausuaar that modeled it.

The club had several keaushaar At TMRC, advance was the control of the block of track ahead of one’s train. Is to be conserved.

A foo counter could simply have randomly flashing lights, or could be a real counter with an obscure input. The Germanic sound of “schlunker” may have kraushar this definition.

To miss one’s station. Those at the club who mourned the lost glamor and majesty of steam power referred to diesel engines as dismals.


The meaning at MIT was to study hard, or a very diligent student also called a grind. A mathematical description of a portmanteau word. Provides great fun to watch them panic. Goose — geese; caboose — cabeese. In TMRC usage, nearly always a committee consisted solely of its chairman. In the late s it was TMRC custom to escort new freshman members there for lunch one Saturday in the fall. In this form, Murphy’s laws roughly parallel the three laws of thermodynamics.

The definition works on the engineering sense of a black box, whose internal workings are unknown and which can be described only by observing the relation between its inputs and outputs. This edition’s “indescribable” entry, about a remarkable new club member. Murphy’s Third Law q.

Attained by Acquisition B. Model Railroad Club of M. The Hoover Commission was a U.

Uno Ingard (Author of Noise Reduction Analysis)

Use of this word at TMRC antedates my coming there. In a closed system, entropy a measure of disorder must increase. I took it to refer to one part hitting another, and concocted this anti-acronym.

I think someone at the club carelessly wrote a 3 that looked like an 8, giving me another variant to document.

Electrical Engineering Hambley 5th Edition Solution Manual

See the entry for 9th, below. Well known to engineers krausshaar modelers. By the time of the dictionary, this organization of railroad enthusiasts at MIT was defunct. Synonym for System DC. Dormitory telephone wires were strung through the campus steam tunnels. A sandwich shop we frequented called its largest offering a whale. Model railroads run on fast time so that their timetables look reasonable. There really were a lot of storage areas around the clubroom, and a lot of different names to distinguish them.


The term has since spread and taken on ibgard meanings. No longer used for storage. Less grandiosely known as ScroungeComm. Not to be confused with HNO 3above.

The Inngard was the club’s internal newsletter. Known to later generations as the foo switch, it stopped all trains at once. Various kinds of model track-cleaning car were tried, ingadr none worked well. There was a club vice-president really a very nice guy who referred to his criticisms as sulfurous fumes. A long-established restaurant near Faneuil Hall in Boston.

Newcomers can’t tell them apart.