been made to Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) firmware since the Supplement guide or Administration guide presents ILOM features and tasks. Edit Administrator Groups Table Using the CLI ▽ . Preface. Sun Integrated Lights Out Manager User’s Guide discusses ILOM features and tasks. to the Oracle ILOM section of the administration guide that is Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) provides advanced service.

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Therefore, you might have access to different tabs than those described in the following table. View information for all disks attached to RAID controllers.

Web Interface Overview

View or configure server power limits. Manage the server by performing these types of actions: A shared network management manater NET located on the server or blade chassis.

To managdr further details, click on a Controller Name. Take advantage of bug fixes and enhancements and improve the overall quality and security of your system by updating to the latest firmware image available for the system BIOS and Oracle ILOM. To view further details, click on a Volume Name. Or configure a centralized authentication service to permit additional user accounts.

Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) 3.0 Documentation

An example of an ILOM web page that includes jump links is shown in the following figure. View the name, type, and reading of the sensors. To download the JRE software, go to http: View the names, types, and status of the components that ILOM is monitoring. Select the next boot device. Backup and restore the service processor configuration to a remote host or removable storage device in a secure manner.


Gain command-line access to the host server through a text-based serial console. Configure the server addresses to which the syslog messages will be sent.

Manage the service processor configuration data. Reset chassis monitoring modules and iut processors.

Enter or change the service processor identification information by assigning a host name or system identifier. Feature Description System Health Status. When setting up your system for the first time, establish a physical network management connection to Oracle ILOM through one of these supported methods: View information for RAID controllers.

Launch Oracle System Assistant. Choose to configure power consumption policies to help control the system power usage. The settings you can view or configure for an individual blade SP are organized in the seven tabs appearing in the right side of the ILOM Web Interface page, as shown in the previous example.

View a history of rolling averages for power consumption.

Authenticate users and authorize user access to Oracle ILOM functions through role-based user accounts. When setting up your system for the first time, establish a physical network management connection to Oracle ILOM through one of these supported methods:. Enable or disable Zone Manager settings and reset the Zone Manager password.

For more detail about how to use the features and functions on the web pages that appear when you select a tab, see the related chapters in this guide. To view further details, click on a Disk Name.

View and edit the baud rate of the internal and external serial ports. You can also choose to set up email notifications to alert you or others inttegrated errors occur. View the name and status of the indicators and LEDs. It is a preinstalled service processor SP utility. You can also configure the diskette drive or CD-ROM drive on the remote system as a device virtually connected to your Oracle Sun system. View details about each alert and change the list of configured alerts.

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The following table describes the various tabs and sub-tabs that you can use to access the most common ILOM functions using the web interface.

Troubleshoot and resolve problems by viewing event messages captured in log files or by navigating to knowledge articles. Fault Management and Alert Notification.

Host Server Management Actions. Monitor the power consumption oout a server or a blade chassis. Add, delete, or modify local ILOM user accounts. A welcome page appears prompting you to enter a user name and password.

Hardware Inventory and Status. The masthead provides the following buttons and information on each page of the web interface:. View information about components that are in a faulted state. Create and store up to 10 afministration accounts on a server service processor SP or chassis monitoring module CMM. Configure the state of the SMTP client, which is used for sending email notifications of alerts. Role-Based User Management Accounts. For more information about the tabs described in this section, see Navigation Tabs.