Using the powerful Heterodyne Receiver Array (HERA) on the IRAM m telescope (9 beams, 2 polarizations, NGC NGC NGC NGC – – – LDS – – – – 3 21 23, – – – 2 6 2 6 IRAM. from wastewater by maghemite nanoparticles. Water Research, , 39(18): – Iram M, Guo C, Guan Yet al. Adsorption and magnetic removal of.

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Carretera de 5436, Km 4. Le Petit 3J. Current usage metrics About article metrics Return to article. We wish to know to which development order we can significantly fit the frequency model to the observed data. Two positions are observed: Column densities and abundances with respect to the number of protons, i.

Norma IRAM 4536- Soldadura

Molecular ions play an important role in the physics and chemistry of the insterstellar medium. The left column presents the profiles computed by the code, which samples the UV-illuminated gas on a finer spatial grid than the UV-shielded gas to correctly represent the steep physical and chemical gradients.


Contour levels are shown in the grey-scale lookup tables. Pure gas-phase chemistry models do not succeed in reproducing the measured abundances of small hydrocarbons in the interstellar medium. This is due to a combination of two effects. Le Bourlot 3A.

We only consider the most stable isomers to compare the measured and modeled abundances. Gratier 1V. We therefore assume that the eight lines have the same line width.

45336 Metrics Show article metrics. This led us to conclude that the species is a reactive molecule with a spatial distribution similar to small hydrocarbon chains. Gerin 2J. We aim to constrain the chemical content of the Horsehead mane with a millimeter unbiased line kram at two positions, namely the photo-dissociation region PDR and the nearby shielded core. Initial download of the metrics may take a while. The illuminating star is positioned at the right of the plots.

Goicoechea 4S.

Previous article Next article. Information on key gas-phase progenitors of these molecules sheds light on this problem. Data correspond to usage on the plateform after Bardeau 1A. Simple hydrocarbon molecules, such as C 2 H, C 3 H, and C 3 H 2 have been detected in a wide variety iraj sources from diffuse e.


They trace the gas physical conditions, e. This assumption enables a quick fit convergence when we start the fit with the following initial values: Sievers 5F. Indeed, the modeled and predicted abundances of c-C 3 H 2 are consistent, while the modeled abundance of C 2 H is still one order of magnitude lower than the measured abundance cf.

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The current usage metrics is available hours riam online publication and is updated daily on week days. The legend at the bottom of the figure presents the line coding for the curves: List of tables List of figures.

To compute the spectroscopic parameters associated with the set of unidentified lines, we used higher order improvements to the simple model of a linear rotor. Displayed integrated intensities are expressed in the main beam temperature scale. Janssen, Meudon Cedex, France e-mail: Belloche 6 and D.