I herewith attached the notes and possible questions for UNIT-IV and UNIT-V. Hope it will be useful for the III IAT and University Examinations. Name: IT & Service Oriented Architecture Roots of SOA – Characteristics of SOA – Comparing SOA to client-server and distributed internet architectures. SERVICE ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE – IT REGULATION QUESTION . (May/June ) Write short notes on business activities in web services.

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Techniques that ensure channel security can be used for securing messages. The underlying logic is under complete control and ownership of the service.

What is marshalling and unmarshalling? Distinguish ntes the identifier and expires elements. Explain the entity — centric and task centric business service design in detail.

On the one hand, the means by which you perform marshalling and unmarshalling is a technical detail: Marshalling and unmarshalling occupy a strange role in designing a distributed application. Explain about service layer abstraction and Orchestration service layer. What is distributed internet architecture and compare it with SOA.

On the other hand, it’s a very important technical detail, and the way you do it can often make or break an application. Explain the anatomy of service oriented architecture. Explain the common Principles of Service Orientation in detail?

Define Distributed Internet architecture Distributing application logic among multiple components some residing on the client, others on the server reduced deployment headaches by centralizing a greater amount of the logic on servers.

What are the potential types of logic suitable for abstract orchestration layer? Services are autonomous comment? An open, extensible, federated, composable architecture that promotes service-orientation and is composed of autonomous, QoS-capable, vendor diverse, interoperable, discoverable and potentially reusable services implemented as web services.


Message information goes here Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. List any four SOA Characteristics? Describe in detail about entity-centric business service design in a step by step process. List out the common layers required by a development and runtime platform for building SOA.

Net Architecture especially, Web Services. WSDL definition hosts multiple child constructs associated with abstract and concrete parts of the service description.

These services are strictly solution and business process agnostic, built for reuse by any application that needs to access or manage information associated with a particular entity. What are the benefits of common language runtime? Define service oriented analysis.

List the features of SOAP? What is preference attribute? It’s important to realize that when a service is interfacing to or communicating with another system, there will always be some level of dependency on the interfaces and existence of the other system.

Complete Coverage!

However, in the general case, message security techniques such as encryption and signing of the message payload can be used in routing and reliable messaging. Explain about web services models? Discuss about web service interoperability technologies. The ability to easily use components developed in other languages.

What is entity centric business service design? List the types of Choreography. Extensible types provided by a class library. The normal form policy expression is the most straightforward Infoset; equivalent, alternative Infosets allow compactly expressing a policy through a number of constructs. Discuss in detail about WS-Policy.

IT2401 Service oriented architecture 07sem

Explain how SOA can be compared to client-server architecture. It is a condition wherein a service acquires knowledge of another service while still remaining independent of that service. Explain about WS- Security. What logic should be encapsulated by each service. Write short notes on: Click here for upcoming cashier training.


In order to perform the conversions, it may be necessary for an adapter to interface with many Service Components in order to perform data enrichment or break data apart into its fundamental data types. New language features such as inheritance, interfaces, and overloading for object-oriented programming; support for explicit free threading that allows creation of multithreaded, scalable applications; support for structured exception handling and custom attributes.

Describe in detail about messaging with SOAP. A service may still be implemented as a set of fine-grained objects, but the objects themselves are not accessible over a network connection.

IT Service oriented architecture 07sem

List the components used to built J2EE web applications? List the benefits of SOA? Differentiate the identifier and expires elements.

What are the 2 types of autonomy? For some applications, such mechanisms can be appropriate. What is i2t401 usage of envelope element in SOAP message structures? A service represents a logically grouped set of operations capable of performing the related units of work.

Discuss the step by step process of service modeling in detail. Explain in the steps involved in service oriented design in detail.