) THE CUNNING A PERSONAL. OF COSMETICS: REFLECTION ON THE ARCHITECTURE. OF HERZOG AND DE MEURON Jeffrey Kipnis. During the. The article from Jeffrey Kipnis on “The Cunning of Cosmetics: [Herzog & De Meuron]” catches that the Hdm’s interests on cosmetic, fastidious. Jeff Kipnas’ essay “The Cunning of Cosmetic” , declares that minimalism and ornamentation are two opposing forces and Cosmetic has the ability to manipulate the surface without disturbing the form. Kipnis, Jeffrey.

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This site uses cookies. And Then, Something Magical 4. Excitations on Main Street Viewing industrialization as a threat to artistic produce, Semper called for studying the primitive in order to cultivate present architectural and artistic understanding2. His essays on contemporary architects are less about making critical judgments than about explication, exegesis, and provocation. For works to steadfastly unleashed by the HdM destabilising power of cosmetic as a moment or movement would be already residing with the architecture orthodoxy.

Ornamentation in architecture can be traced back to 40, years.

The Cunning of Cosmetics

The modus operandi of Semper and Herzog de Meuron, reveals that ornamentation is not a mere tool of embellishment rather a means of spatial organization and configuration. Semper’s study reveals walls being dressed with ornaments so as the ornamentation marks the wall itself.

cumning Open to the jedfrey Book; Illustrated English Show 0 more libraries He calls these simple and superficial because of their focus on the cosmetic and fastidious details — clearly frivolous in comparison to radical experiments.


Mallgrave and Wolfgang Herrmann, transl. Every experiment is an effort to reanimate and update that canon, never to augment it”. Comments and reviews What are comments? It loses its minimalist identity by incorporating cosmetic concept to the design of the Signal Box.

A level of flatness is retained yet again via exposing structure. The surface pattern envelopes the building enhancing texture by extruding form in both interior and exterior surfaces.

The Cunning of Cosmetics : Herzog & De Meuron

Tags What are tags? Notify me of new comments via email. Constructing a New Agenda: It allowed comparison jefrey them and implied assumptions to the progress of civilisation or rather technology, art and industry. The ceiling arches are utilized as thresholds between spatial transitions and are adorned with patterns so as to smooth out the larger scheme as one space.

Nikolaus Kuhnert is to be separated two sections ornament and minimalism in all of the projects with printed surfaces. Ornamentation in both ideologies is not a component of embellishment rather it is one that informs spatial characteristics and marks spatial activities. A question of qualities: We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. For the proponents of exotic forms the signal station would become an opportunity of other likes where its mostly free from human program demands and would unencumbered by historical or formal typology.


By juxtaposing different cultures side by side, the exhibition provided an overview of human past and present. There is a clear absence of walls as ornamentation is utilized as spatial divider; varying carpet pattern indicating different spaces.

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Postmodernisms: Theories and Analyses of Architecture II | KIPNIS – The Cunning of Cosmetics

According to him, these traits enable it to go anywhere and everywhere, to appear fascinating and harmless at the same time, with undermining subterfuges and sly deceits.

Jeffrey then compares the cunning of cosmetic in their architecture with a computer virus that reprograms his thoughts and feelings, that slipped into his consciousness through his will, eluding any and all resistance.

A Question of Qualities 2. It is also a distinct pleasure to read. Similar to the nomadic tent, the structure merges with the surface ornament so as to become part of the larger scheme of pattern. Remember me on this computer. This fascination with material kipnix evident in the works of HdM, according to Kipnis ” in the firm’s entire body of work to date, there is not a single use of form, structure, or material that does not belong to the strictest canon of architecture.