The Carb Nite Solution: The Physicist’s Guide to Power Dieting [John Kiefer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Trained as a physicist to rely . This week we have John Kiefer returning to the show. He’s the man behind two upcoming books– Carb Backloading and . Insulin control and ketosis is a solution—but it doesn’t jive that high insulin alone is causing obesity. The following is a summarization of a book titled “The Carb Nite Solution®,” by John Kiefer. I recently purchased John Kiefer’s book, The Carb.

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I began to read everything I could on the body, weight lifting, and dieting to try to fix what I thought was my screwed up genetics.

The other great thing about this book is that he makes it ver Very well written, and TONS of citations. Is that what I should expect? I highly recommend ssolution to anyone needing to lose any weight. Using Carb Nite she could easily schedule her nights of carbs around family events and enjoy the delicious food, knowing that it was only going to help her achieve her goals.

At first, you have to read every label and look up random foods on MyFitnessPal solutiin know their carb count. Therefore, the morning after Carb Nite might have you feeling and looking a little softer in the mirror. And the most exciting benefit: Heavy Whipping Cream is a preferred creamer for coffee.


Fill in your details below jon click an icon to log in: Do you have an example of a 10 day plan? John Kiefer is a Physicist I decided to give it a try and have lost 23 lbs in 4 weeks. The average weekly loss can range from lbs a week and every week will be different.

The Carb Nite Solution

However, the book is in sore need of an update and the author has promised one in mid Carb Nite is NOT a cheat meal. ANY computer can use it!

Eating high-GI carbs once a week in the evenings creates that perfect insulin spike needed to extend our bodies ability to burn fat.

So i recommend continuing on and focus on how you’re feeling, how your clothes are fitting and every other noticeable change in the right direction you notice. I know the first CN can be a little stressful, not knowing what or how much to eat.

I remember one fitness friend advise me that for every drink or shot of alcohol I had I should do an additional 45 minutes of cardio to my normal routine. Luckily just before she was about to give up, a friend recommends she give the Carb Nite Solution a try. Never before would I have believed I could eat donuts and cheesecake to lose the unwanted pounds.


Loren rated it really liked it Apr 22, After niet Keifer on a few podcasts I decided I should give him my money so I could read this book. AmandaLeAnnRamsey Congrats on the weight loss so far You also get a glimpse into why other diets may not be working for you.

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But then it happened… I discovered the secret power in donuts…. After spending a decade experimenting and digging through research at medical libraries I finally refined my diet—not a perfect diet based on hunches, but anyone’s perfect diet based on zolution science.

It’s a bit outdated and I hope he updates it eventually. The next day, all signs of the donut disaster disappeared. The real life cookie monster. He explains in great detail why this works, and again, cites everything the citation appendix in the book is some 50 pages long.

What is Carb Nite?

The body still craves those quick-burning carbs. Feb 11, Jennifer Dobberstein rated it really liked it. The tenth morning starts with ease, having etch carbs almost completely from your diet and completing Reorientation.