Millennium. In the skies over Oakland, California, a DC and a are about to collide. And in the far distant future, a time-travel team is preparing to snatch. In , John Varley decided to use the concept to attempt to snark at Starting as a short story (“Air Raid”), developing into a script idea, and. John Varley’s Millennium, a novelization of the film disappointment of the same name, which was inspired by a Varley short story*.

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This was published just a few years before discovery of the Titanic wreckage, a misfortune of timing that dates the story—Authors, be careful when you reference significant events. View all 9 comments. How much free will exists when your actions are known, and your ‘uptime’ descendants rely on those actions in order to exist? Side effects will include white knuckles, constant seatbelt checking, and involuntary yelps at air pockets.

It is a couple of plane crashes and the trauma of time travel through a thousand years.

In the skies over Oakland, California, a DC and a are about to collide. The story follows Louise Baltimore, who is in charge of a “snatch team” that goes back into the past to kidnap people who would otherwise die. It was nominated for the Philip K. Everybody I know likes to have the BC simper at them like a receptionist or baritone its words like a wide-screen Jehovah.

An intricate plot with surprises at every turn; I literally could not put it down. The biodiversity of pop culture is really, really in danger.

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That wiki entry is completely wrong. It was ok at first. The Ophiuchi Hotline Eight Worlds.

The biodiversity of pop culture is really, really in danger. September 1, at 7: Views Read Edit View history.

There was a bit of casual sexism, but no more than I would expect from a genre novel of its time. It is not made clear at the beginning of the book what the purpose of time travel is, and I won’t spoil your discovery. Something must’ve caught my eye and the only thing I can imagine doing that in this case is the rainbow on the cover. These sections are “testimony”, meaning that they are intended as the character speaking in-universe.


In the end, Millennium is good as a thriller, but requires an effort above and beyond normal to engage with the heavily contrived nature of the premise.

When the Cold War had not yet begun to warm, when nuclear war seemed the most likely way the world would end, when science-fiction felt compelled to draw parallels with religion?

It might wreck the spell you cast.

Millennium by John Varley | : Books

The BC obliges by seeming to barely tolerate me. Varley titled each chapter as a homage to a time travel book, such as Lest Darkness Fall and Guardians of Time. No toadying servomechanisms for me. Write a customer review. No trivia or quizzes yet. However, given that this is not entirely a work of Varley’s own imagination, and that it is meant mostly as “light” entertainment, this is a fairly good work.

Read reviews that mention time travel short story science fiction bill smith louise baltimore air raid john varley travel stories story air big computer snatch team plane crashes plane crash planet or to a future much like travel novel travel story great time future time millennium. Using time travel to kidnap the doomed in order to repopulate the condemned future is a clever idea. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? But it is a enjoyable read from beginning to end, so four stars win.

That’s a shame, but at least he pursued his dream. Nothing not to love here.

Perhaps that’s why the movie only went johm, years into the future. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. The novel is set not long after the air traffic controllers strike ofand a fair amount of subplot is concerned with the “deplorable state of our nation’s air traffic control system. The whole relationship more or less boiled down to lust on his side, and pity on hers. The story is told in alternating first person sections, the voices of the two protagonists.


The ending, with both a culmi Clever and thoughtful time travel story, with a dash of 80s style. I’d like to see Varley tackle some Michael Crichton-esque present-day science fiction, since he definitely had a knack for those details.

That Millenjum always seemed to be looking to her personal robot, Sherman, for advice, whereas the Louise of Varley’s book might have depended on Sherman for emotional support at times, but generally kept her own counsel and scoffed at the very notion that Sherman’s ideas could be taken seriously in a critical mission such as the one she was running to Smith’s time in order to get her lost “stunner”.

Secondly, there is a large emphasis on mortality. United States of America.


Marie Curie’s Papers Still Radioactive. It was well written and while I have my quibbles with it, especially the ending, I didn’t feel irritated. All of Varley’s works through the mids are worth a read. To ask other readers questions about Millenniumplease sign up. But Varley is very good at what he does, so I didn’t care about spaghetting plot lines and inconsistencies.

I love time travel stories. Review “Best novel I’ve read in months”. Jul 08, Kallierose rated it really liked it. Open Preview See a Problem? See all 40 reviews. Without their own assigned chapters and dialogue tags, I would not be able to differentiate them.