The latest Tweets from Justine Klotz (@Justine_Klotz): “Bal”. The latest Tweets from Justine Klotz (@justineklotz). To German mystic, Justine Klotz (), the Lord inspired a similar ejaculation, with special regard for priests: “Jesus, Mary I love You, save priestly souls.

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This force became increasingly overwhelming and gentle but deep voice told me: Convert, pray the rosary and wear the small Cross of Love around your neck as protection!

I am by your side, irresistible against Satan. How much the Father will punish you for this! No one can lose me anymore. Messages from Jesus They are my heartbeats. The angels are always present. You those who vote for abortion take my little ones to the depths of the grave They are as hands of the clock, going around my heart.

I have robed you anew with the Act of Love.

On 9th May a friend of mine came to see me and told me the testimony of a mystic, a German mother called Maria. I will show you this Way, that no one else knows.

The new Act of Love

It is an image of forgiving love; the dominion of God shaken at its base; jusstine Mother with a grieving soul, for priests and for the people. No one can free himself. I will help you.

I desire an uninterrupted Justibe, Mary I love You, save souls! He desires giving mothers the chance to atone. He who loves saves; he who saves loves!


I can halt sin. Avoid every fear, for fear pulls you downwards! It is a call of my love that longs for you. Hell will bounce off it.

Let yourselves be reconciled with your God. Or have my words lost their light? Mary was near the shore. I am the only one with the power to give and take life, no-one else.

Now I understand what this suffering is because the Lord himself has revealed it to me The sufferings these little ones go through are atrocious and you doctors are united in these death parties ed.

The Act of Love: a secure way to renewal | The new Act of Love

He said he didn’t understand what was going on. The so-called “wise” people who legalize abortion, do not realize what they are doing; they are worshipping Satan This time is close. It is a moment when you feel drawn by His gentleness rather than fearful of His greatness. They are as an unending sacrifice.

However, when I think I may have to suffer in this way again, I trust in God. It came forth from my heart. Jjstine you not the temple of the Holy Spirit, wanted by kloyz Father?

The act of love is the beginning. They are true seeds of death, but by the blood of my immaculate Son they become signs of life for eternal life. Pray for these parents, who do kltoz realize how much abortion is an act inspired by the enemy; they day when they understand this will be a day of shame, tears, remorse and desperation.


This cherub appeared simply, saying his name was Maurizio, the child I had baptised at dawn and for whom I had become a godmother. Anyone can profit from it. Such is the evil of the world.

Sr. Maria Consolata Betrone – “Jesus, Mary, I love You, Save Souls”

No one is alone in the act of love; there are many who pray at the same time. I thank you for all you are doing and will do and for your gentleness to my Mother, now more powerful than ever. My eyes saw the King of the heavenly hosts, who was above all things and I felt like a drop in his ocean of mercy and all these lights were fed by his blood. Return to the sacrament of penance! However, you will have none of it, you don’t want the child and you choose only your own pleasure, without accepting responsibilities.

The Spirit will sustain them. I see frightful scenes from heaven. What satisfaction this gives Justinw, the enemy of the Father, at the death of every soul!