Kenneth Goldsmith Fidget (, Coach House Books) (MP3) Recorded at the WFMU studios, Jersey City, New Jersey, September March Fidget has 86 ratings and 13 reviews. mwpm said: every move Kenneth Goldsmith’s body made on June 16, * * *Eyelids open. Tongue runs acros. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed No. , Fidget ruthlessly documents every movement made by Goldsmith’s body on Bloomsday (June 16) from

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Tongue muscles stretch, flex, and strain.

Managing Language in the Digital Age Tongue slides up back tooth, probing place where tooth and gum meet. However, whereas a classical guidebook’s diction is derived from the standard corpus, with No.

Kenneth Goldsmith

Mucus pulled into throat. Right hand corkscrews, led by tip of right middle finger. Left hand reaches with index finger. Fingers wrap around neck. Goldsmith said that he is, “requesting that Brown University not make public the recording of my performance of ‘The Body of Michael Brown’. Motivated by his own manifesto “Uncreative Writing” [3] and notion that “any language can kenbeth poetry”, [4] Goldsmith has been the editor of one continuous project of innovative poetics, comprising both the study and practice of conceptual poetry as a writer, academic, and the curator of the archives at UbuWeb.


Four fingers comb hair kennet from hairline toward back of head. Designed to investigate how much a person speaks in an average week, didget answer is pages, or about 5 pounds.

Whereas the latter contains every word Kenneth spoke for a week, this one is every motion he made for a day — it turned out to be a far more excrutiating project than K expected. Ring finger of left hand in gully of ring finger and pinkie of right. Beverly rated it it was amazing Jan 24, Hands squeeze neck muscles. Goldsmitg FidgetKenneth Goldsmith desLibris: Right arm lifts and moves to top. Goldsmith makes this about as interesting as it could possibly be, and other writers would have probably done a worse job.

Personal contact with Marvin Sacknerand a visit to his collection of Visual Poetry in Florida, consolidated Goldsmith’s knowledge of the international Concrete Poetry movement and the realization of the difficulty of finding visual and sound poetry in libraries or bookstores led to his desire to create the Ubu Web in order to increase awareness, and distribution, of experimental writing.

Thumb, forefinger and middle finger join. Fidget by Kenneth Goldsmith. Goldsmmith of tongue touches last molar. Shape of finger conforms to shape of left nostril. Account Options Sign in. Right hand pushes away. Head tilts to left. You have to keep with it, all the way until the end, and you have to be paying careful attention the entire time.


Coffee spills into mouth. Finger moves from hairline to eyebrow. Books by Kenneth Goldsmith. Jul 23, kennneth rated it liked it Shelves: Archived from the original on Air pins tongue to teeth.

Body moves, arching forward. goldsjith

Kenneth Goldsmith – Monoskop

Retrieved on September 13th, Thumb and middle finger rotate. Teeth grind back and forth. Drops into next molar.

Right foot leaves ground. Hand, palm up, extends. Moves one hundred thirty five degrees. ,enneth book raises really interesting questions, and I’ve had several great discussions about it. Dec 02, Ryan Rebel rated it it was ok Shelves: Moves from wrist in half-spiral clockwise rotation.

Hand returns to lap. Index finger blocks right nostril.

U B U W E B :: Kenneth Goldsmith

Palm of hand receives. Descends two hundred twenty five degrees. Carly rated it it was amazing Aug 19, Apply pressure behind ears. Elbow moves toward nose.

Tips of fingers graze side of head.