The Kepner-Tregoe Matrix provides a systematic and efficient framework for organizing, gathering, and evaluating information for successful decision making. Learn more about the Kepner Tregoe method, to expand your problem solving this problem solving method is Problem Solving and Decision Making (PSDM). The Kepner Tregoe Matrix is a one of the most unique, documented analysis and decision-making methods. It is sometimes called a root cause analysisand.

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Decision What alternative did you select based kepnre on the decision analysis tables? Not only should you be concerned with the problems themselves, but more importantly, you should be focused on the root causes of those problems.

How to use the Kepner Tregoe decision making model

You might assume that you know exactly what the problem is, so you may just rush through this step in order to start working on solutions. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our Free Newsletter for the latest posts on Management models and methods. This step is where you begin to narrow in on the specifics of what is going decusion within the business.

Built into it is the ability to minimize some of these negative effects. Throughout the centuries mankind has learned to deal with complexity and to directly anticipate on this. Clarify the situation, outline concerns and choose a direction. List adverse consequences for each top alternative and evaluate probability high, medium, low and severity high, medium, low 8. Establish strategic requirements Mustsoperational objectives Wantsand restraints Limits 3.

The Kepner-Tregoe Matrix

Calculate weighted score for each alternative and identify the top two or three. Don’t worry — your e-mail tregie is totally safe.

Often there is pressure of time to solve the problems and it is debatable what the right way of solving these problems is. What do you want this decision to accomplish?

Difficulty deciding with so much information that is often contradictory? You may unsubscribe trdgoe any time. Rank objectives and assign relative weights 4. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Kepner Tregoe Posted on May 15 Retrieved [insert date] from ToolsHero: Kepner-Tregoe is committed to protecting your privacy. A situation analysis will clarify the distinctions in all these processes and as a result it will be possible to search for suitable solutions.


How many decisions do you trehoe in a day?

Much patience and determination may be required! Kepner Tregoe decision making is a structured methodology for gathering information and prioritizing and evaluating it. So, please, I would appreciate to know what kind of system is being used now instead of an approach like K-T, to have provoked your comment about the existence of an alternative way of thinking. Rating the Adverse Consequences 10 Minutes Rate Each adverse Consequence — on the possibility it will occur — and the Seriousness if it does occur — then multiply Probability x Seriousness and sum 5.

It may help you to utilize critical thinking skills, organize and prioritize information, set objectives, evaluate alternatives, and analyze impact. Situation appraisal – is used to clarify kepjer situation, outline concerns and choose a direction Problem analysis – here the problem is defined and it’s root cause determined Decision kepmer – alternatives are identified and a risk analysis done for each Potential problem analysis – the best of the alternatives is further scrutinized against potential problems decisikn negative consequences and actions are proposed to minimize the risk.

Although kepenr is offered as an unbiased decision matrix, somebody has to decide the relative importance of the objectives, the probability of occurrence of adverse reactions and the relative significance of each of these reactions.

Many of the old Total Quality Management tools are also useful for solving problems and making good management decisions. How to cite this article: NT 47, per participant, NT 40, for 3 or more fees before any applicable taxes. All workshop attendees will receive the Mmaking Tablet App and access to online post-workshop learning support tools coaching videos, tips, tricks, worksheets, and more with a My KT membership Certification Credits: It may also take considerable time to get through this process.


Kepner and Benjamin B. Define the Wants — assign each want a rating of importance — give each alternative a rating of how well it satisfies each want — Multiply the importance x Satisfy ratings and sum 3.

A vinyl manufacturer increased annualized production with a significant rise in profits. How will you define success in this case? Consider the winning option against each negative consequence and suggest a plan of action to minimize the adverse effects. This website makes use of cookies to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality. Free Strategy Skills Resources See the full list of Strategy Skills eBooks, templates and checklists available for free makint right now.

Through research Charles Kepner and Benjamin Tregoe discovered that the registration of a problem is not a uniform process. It is a step-by-step approach for systematically solving problems, making decisions, and analyzing potential risks.

Kepner-Tregoe: Problem Solving & Decision Making

It’s difficult to believe that there won’t be any bias in there whatsoever! Following the step-by-step approach of Kepner Tregoe decision making allows for the use of critical thinking skills in considering many possible factors that may be vital in making the decision. What are kepenr success factors for the good Kepner Tregoe Method set up?

Every implementation has affects on existing operations and procedures and the impact a new decision will have on them whilst it is being put into action must be identified tregod proceeding.

I agree to Kepner-Tregoe processing my personal information regarding mmaking request. The Kepner Tregoe Matrix is a one of the most unique, documented analysis and decision-making methods. All workshop attendees will receive the Kepner-Tregoe Tablet App and access to online post-workshop learning support tools coaching videos, tips, tricks, worksheets, and more with a My KT membership.