Results 1 – 7 of 7 Ketab-e-Siyah by Susej, Tsirk and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at The Demonic Bible. by Magus Tsirk Susej, Antichrist. Servant & Disciple of the Dark Lord. As revealed to him by his Unholy Guardian Demon,. the spirit Azael. Buy a cheap copy of Ketab-e-Siyah book by Tsirk Susej. Free shipping over $

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Livee morf su revilled tub Noishaytpmet ootni ton suh deel Suh tshaiga sapsert tath yeth Vigrawf eu za sesapsert rua suh vigrawf. Ktullu, I conjure thee.


Invocation of Moloch Moloch, I invoke thee. As a spiritual being, the sorcerer is neither male nor female.

The moment you step out of the bath, psychic influences will begin to attach themselves to you. Howard Books in English. You will have no problem memorizing the invocations and can easily add your own embellishments when you ietab the ritual chamber. God is defined by that which is “static” and unchanging.

Beast of Revelation, I summon thee. Attach thyself unto me as my wife and as my lover. This differs from r other systems of magic involving the invocation of spirits. Come forth, Beast of Revelation, and manifest thyself.

Come forth, Marduk, and manifest thyself Within this body, this temple which I have prepared. Siyaah forth, Whore of Babylon, and manifest thyself Within ,etab body, this temple which I have prepared. I shall now perform the Ritual of Descent. Be friendly unto me for I am the servant of the same, your God; the true Worshipper of the Highest. Recite incantation three or more times; until satisfied that the alignment has been formed.


Ahrimon, I conjure thee.

Ketab-e-Siyah by Tsirk Susej (2007, Paperback)

But am I my thoughts or am I the thing in which my thoughts manifest? Antichrist, I invoke thee. The scriptures were accepted within the context in which they had been written and were not interpreted as the literal Word of God. I am the Devil born flesh upon the earth. Objects may be charged with this magical energy and become “charmed” or “cursed”.

Ketab-E Siyah or ( The Black Book )

Shaitan, I conjure thee. Come forth, Unholy Spirit, and manifest thyself Within this body, this temple which I have prepared.

Open wide thy Gate that I r cross. Todd marked it as to-read Sep 10, What will become apparent to the practitioner of these rites is that Satan, Lucifer, Belial, and Leviathan are aspects of the human psyche, archetypes which exist within the subconscious and subrational mind, not external beings which can in any way influence the magician to good or evil ends. Demogorgon, I summon thee. Mother of all the abominations of chaos.

Belial, I invoke thee. I have crossed the fourth sphere, the fourth angle between the worlds. It matters not weather spirits exist objectively or not.

Ketab-e-Siyah – Tsirk Susej – Google Books

The objective existence of spirits or demons does not need to be proven in order to show the effectiveness of magic. Antichrist, I summon thee. Having performed the rituals in this book countless times, I have been able to perfect the formula whereby the magician may attain knowledge and power beyond siya.


Night of the Full Moon: I have crossed the Jupiterian Sphere.

How many are there which remain in the glory of the earth which are and shall not see death until this house fall and the Dragon sink? This demonic language revealed to Dee during his scrying experiments is written in an ancient script which has been passed down for centuries by practitioners of the black arts many of them unaware of its origins. If a grimoire says that the spirit Seere “will provide True revelations of things stolen or lost” then by invoking the spirit Seere an area of the brain largely responsible for psychic ability will be stimulated in the sorcerer and he will experience prophetic dreams.

Any “dark” or “evil” incense may be used in these rituals but I recommend patchouli graveyard dust. For you are become a building such as is not but in the mind of the all powerful. Where the male practitioner says, “I have crossed the Gates of Hell and have become the Devil Incarnate: I shall now cross the Planetary Sphere, the seven spheres above the earth. Come forth, Ahrimon, and manifest thyself.