Like a number of the great Persian romantic narratives, the love story of the Sāsānian king Khusraw II (r. AD) and Shīrīn, the Christian princess from . Read and learn for free about the following article: Khusraw Discovers Shirin Bathing. Khosrow discovers Shirin bathing in a pool, Safavid Dynasty, 16th Century. Well look, he didn’t say “Suppose she’s kiddin’”. And he didn’t say.

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Shortly afterwards this came to pass for him. Xhirin of her identity, he observes her from behind a rocky outcrop, his finger raised to his mouth in astonishment.

Khusraw tries to persuade her to meet him alone in an unwatched corner of the castle, but she resists. Upon arriving in Lebanon, Shapur baits the princess by planting paintings of Khusraw in her path over the course of three days.

Sasanian women almost never showed themselves to anyone outside an inner circle of family and attendants. This episode of the story follows the death of a Byzantine princess, who Khusraw has married as a condition of her father’s military assistance in Khusraw’s battle to regain his right to be king of Persia.

Whatever truth there may ehirin in these speculations, the romance became one of the khosrod popular in Persian literature. On the bank of a cool spring in a lush meadow, a beautiful princess swoons at the sight of a young prince who has stumbled upon her bathing.

Meanwhile, a sculptor named Farhad falls in love with Shirin and becomes Khosrow’s love-rival. He did dedicate several of his works to local princes, for which he was compensated by a modest gift or fee. Further speculation holds that she bore him a child, Muhammad, and that Nizami worked certain passages into his tales to instruct this son in the ways shiein virtuous living. Painting on canvas permitted greater flexibility in size and portability while loosening the physical connection of images to textual description.

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You must provide copyright attribution in the edit summary by providing an interlanguage link to the source of your translation. The kings are known to have enjoyed music and the singing of minstrels.


That the story of Khosrow and Shirin was ultimately selected was a fortuitous fluke: With the rapid expansion of Islam beyond Arabia after the death of Prophet Muhammad —the Sasanian regime was swiftly overrun, and the Persian people adopted the new faith of Islam.

That very night, Khosrow sees his grandfather Anushirvan in a dream and Anushirvan gives him glad tidings of a annd named Shirina steed named Shabdiza musician named Barbadand a great kingdom, that is Persia.

Khusraw is free now to resume the match with Shirin, but impulsively he marries another woman, a Persian beauty named Shekar. Otherwise the king tended to remain secluded. He tweets at a9ri. In Iran he rose from the stature of a damned evil conqueror of the country, to that of a national Iranian hero king, and even more, to that of the great prophet of God, preparing all the nations for the true religion. Meanwhile, Islam was gaining ground on the Arabian Peninsula.

In the tale of Layla and Majnun, the Arab nationality of the lover is of no importance since the story is based on a simple Arab folktale which was later absorbed and embellished by the Persians”. Late Sasanian cultural life was dominated by royal courts, centered on a king believed to possess divine qualities.

In the sixth century B. That done, Shirin joins the funeral procession for her husband, not in mourning garments but in colorful robes, much to the astonishment of the people. By the Sasanids were approaching Constantinople, the Byzantine capital, but a new Byzantine emperor, Heraclius, reversed the losses in — By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Khusraw has by now sent Shapur back to Persia to fetch Shirin. For several centuries the Sasanians, whose official religion was Zoroas-trianism, competed with the Christian Byzantine Empire to the west. The seclusion of his wife—and royal women generally—was even more extreme. Startled, she gathered her black hair about her like a cloak, emerged from the pool, dressed, and mounted her horse. Closely khisrow to them were the orders shiein Sufis Muslim mysticsestablished about a century before Nizamfs lifetime.


She constructed a monastery and a church close to the royal abode, and settled priests and deacons there allotting from the court stipends and money for clothing. shirij

Mariam, due to her jealousy, keeps Khosrow away from Shirin. He created a bridge between Islamic Iran and pre-Islamic Iran and also between Iran and the whole ancient world.

Khosrpw many of the Kurdish retellings of this story, the Khosrow figure amd substituted by an evil emperor this change in dynamics is not surprising, considering the Kurds have been under the yoke of brutal leaders for centuries. Meanwhile, Shirin has arrived at the Persian capital and is equally miserable.

The brilliance of his writing derives not only anx his linguistic skill but from the vividness of his characters and descriptions, images perhaps all the more fresh because, unlike most poets of his day, he was not working to please the tastes of a particular patron or ruler. She lavished gold and silver [on the monastery].

Unlike the Shahnamehwhich focuses on the history, kingship and battles of Khosrow, Nizami decided to focus on the romantic aspect of the story. When, however, days abd and her end approached, many of the mages who had converted to Christianity, were martyred in various places. Then she came upon an emerald field in which there gleamed a gentle pool… When she had satisfied herself that she was quite alone, she tethered Shabdiz and prepared to bathe.

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This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat Golden Age of Persia. Occasionally the ancient custom of killing and burying the horse with its rider was observed. Heroic, deceitful, brave, cunning. Yet the Persian legend of Alexander is very little known in the Western world.

To an eighteenth century audience, the pair would have been immediately recognizable as Shirin and Khusraw, two of the most famous lovers in the history of Persian literature.