In this case report, transitional bonding with the aid of a Kois deprogrammer was used to restore a patient’s worn dentition. Finding the centric relation might sometimes seem hard, but with appropriate devices, such as the Kois Deprogrammer it’ll become just obvious. The centric. The Kois Deprogrammer is a palatal-‐coverage maxillary acrylic device with a flat plane lingual to the anterior teeth. It separates the dental arches and provides.

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The functional risk was managed but not eliminated.

Kois Deprogrammer

Stefan Koubi – 9 Sep Severe attrition was evident on teeth Nos. You must be signed in to read the rest of this article.

Giuseppe Chiodera – 28 Jun Patrizia Lucchi – 15 Jun He expressed the desire for a whiter color and longer teeth. The patient was allowed to fully function with the transitional bonding for a period of 1 month. How to fabricate the Kois Deprogrammer?

Decisions on how to reconstruct the tooth structure that was lost as well as eliminating the risk factors that caused the problem must be addressed.

The patient wore the appliance continuously for 2 weeks, except during meals. A Kois face-bow transfer Panadent, www. Francesca Cerutti – Upon periodontal probing, the majority of depths were 3 mm or less, with no bleeding.

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Kois Deprogrammer | Dental Services | Academy Dental

There was no history of neurologic disorders, and the patient reported a lack of awareness of any sleep bruxism. The possibility of parafunction nocturnal bruxism combined with occlusal dysfunction may have exacerbated the breakdown in the system.

The Kois Deprogrammer is a removable, plastic appliance that covers the hard palate and creates a single point of contact between the lower central incisor and the anterior bite plane.

Marie Clement – 31 Aug Stefan Koubi – 31 Dec The face bow and bite records are not necessary. Franco Brenna – 7 Mar He reported no dental pain or discomfort. lois

Finding the Centric Relation – The Kois Deprogrammer – StyleItaliano

Franco Brenna – 22 Feb Roberto Spreafico – 16 Feb Filippo Cardinali – 26 May Stefan Koubi – 29 Oct Material Selection and Technique. Patrizia Lucchi – deprogram,er Sep There was moderate erosion on the occlusal surfaces of teeth Nos.

It facilitates finding premature contacts — i. Filippo Dini – 18 Jul These variables were discussed, and it was decided to phase the kis to allow a transition period to enable the patient to be comfortable with the esthetics as well as koi new occlusal relationship.

Alisa Chegodaeva – 22 Jul When structural problems of TMJ are suspected positive load test the Kois Deprogrammer is not indicated. A systematic approach to analyze periodontal, biomechanial, functional, and dentofactial risk must be considered before making treatment recommendations to the patient.


The patient had a normal range of opening. The facial bow of the deprogrammer is made out of wire and extended from the most distal tooth on each side of the arch, in order not to interfere with any occlusal surface of the tooth. Antony Atlan – 21 Dec Fair if just koix poor if combined with parafunction.

Science Driven Management Manual.

The functional needs and esthetic requirements were met initially through the additive protocols of transitional bonding. There should be deprogrammsr separation of 1.

Riccardo Tonini – 14 Jul The maxillary incisal edge position relative to face and lip was deficient and unacceptable for the patient.

Giuseppe Marchetti – 25 Jul The excess of the acrylic platform palatal to the most retrusive contact should be relieved. Achieving esthetic and functional objectives with additive equilibration. Giulio Pavolucci – 13 Nov Patrizia Lucchi – 7 Jan Compend Eeprogrammer Educ Dent. The laterals were bonded using the same protocol.