Hi i found these guides on my hdd probably outdated but may help beginners HTML Code: Kozen’s Guide – Aion Leveling & Mastery Guide. 年5月17日 Unlike other MMOs, it is rather difficult for you to level up your toon in the fantasy world of buy aion gold. But you can buy aion kinah in order to. The KozenGuides Eylos and Asmodian leveling guides are the top Aion leveling guides out. Their step-by-step instructions make the.

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Besides, you should solve the quests that are close to your level to get a maximum amount of XP by completing one.

Since they did such a good job on those games, it is only natural to think that their Aion leveling guide is also good. Kozen Aion Leveling Guide is designed in a step-by-step manner. Know everything about Aion, from leveling to making money, in the Kozen Aion Guide. There are quite a few Aion guides, some good, some being just general data and some are scams. If you follow this guide you will fly through learning the basics of Aion and gain your wings fast.

The Kozen guide is constantly being updated and offers free updates for all members. Retrieved auon ” http: It’s a step-by-step speed leveling guide with an excellent quest path.

Everything you need to dominate Aion is packed into this ebook including leveling Asmodian and Elyos to level 50 quickly, earning huge kinah and playing the Abyss. These are effective way for you to level up. Kozen Aion Guide thread.

  AFTO 781 PDF

All the steps put the quests into order to help the player manage his time better, creating an excellent and fast leveling path. It is layed out as a printable PDF file and the excellent content is put together in a step-by-step manner.

Also learn the best techniques for earning Abyss Points and Rank so you can purchase Abyss only gear!

This way you earn exceptional experience and quality items while you level. You can use these tags: See the free preview. The leveling guides for each faction Elyos and Asmodians contain maps and illustrations to outline better peveling task you need to do within the world of Atreia.

Elyos Leveling Guide | Aion Elyos Leveling Guide

All points of interests and NPCs are numbered and marked on the maps. January 20, Posted in: It also covers fortresses, artifacts, Abyss points and Abyss ranks. See the forums help for complete information on how to set your profile image and use the forums effectively. For the PvP fans, there is an Abyss Guide with everything you need to know about attacking or defending a fortress, and the best ways to earn Abyss points and gain ranks.

There are two separate guides for each factions in the game, Elyos and Asmodian. We bought them all and after professional tests and precise analysis, we decided on 3 of them.

Once you are ready to enter the Abyss go in fully armed and ready to experience the best PVP in online gaming today! Learn everything about participating in fortress battles and gaining control of them and how and where to find the rare artifacts! You will find here details about the Trade Broker, “unwritten” rules, rare items, information about the game economy, what to craft and what to hunt.


Click here to download this sample and convice yourself about the great quallity of this guide.

Kozen Aion Guide

The guide is easy to use, designed for any player and any class, and provides videos for levling the hard bosses and encounters guidee the game. Luckily it was so. If you want more information, you can click: Discover the nuances of the Aion rifts, how to avoid attacks from rifts and how to launch attacks against the other faction. First of all, when you do quests, you should try to work on at least quests at one time.

Kozen’s Aion Guide is actually 10 Aion guides in one! In this way you can manage your aion power leveling time better and increase your XP rate. The guide applies to any class in the game, and it’s designed to help the player manage the game time better.

Contents 1 10 Aion Guides levfling One 1. The guide focuses less on grinding and more on questing.