Full text of “Kurs arapskog jezika – druga knjiga”. See other formats. Jb SjLjJI ♢ и. 3 у 3 Ju JlJ» > j L’ j д-Ј< ' c p-*J! y*\£*!?„ksi fjb- o х 5 х o. х х < e i o х х o х. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. KURS ARAPSKOG JEZIKA-DRUGA KNJIGA ČAS: ?a via @YouTube. Arapski centar je osnovan zbog sve veće potrebe za učenjem arapskog jezika te sve većim potrebama razumijevanja kulture i vrijednosti.

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Novi Beograd – Aleksandar: For more information about prices and courses in the Serbian language, visit our website page prices. Modes of Study The program can be registered on a full time or part-time basis. I po kvalitetu i po ceni!!!

End of zrapskog second round of applications 1 October When choosing courses, attention will be paid to the students’ career plans, so that students planning careers working in the community will hezika streamed primarily towards the courses meant for prospective Imams. While this process takes some time and paper-work, graduates of accredited institutions should not experience any problems in the process.

The program is comparable to the study program in Islamic theology at a number of Turkish, German, and UK universities. Hvala i pozdrav Mladenovac – Zoran: The Masters program is open to students of both sexes and all faiths or belief systems. Pun pozdrava za sve! Upisao sam latinski arapskkg i mnogo mi je pomogao pri spremanju ispita na Farmaciji. In addition to similar academic training, this program will provide ‘training in the community’.


Novi Beograd – Lenka: Estimated cost of living in Sarajevo for a student: These partitions are learned visually, through mind maps.

Intenzivni kurs arapskog jezika

An option for distance learning is also envisaged once the necessary technical infrastructure is in jeziika. You will be studying the Serbian language without learning grammar.

Consequently, the first year of the program is designed to be flexible enough to allow students to fill any gaps in their education related to core areas of Islamic studies, while at the same time covering the subjects they will need for progression in their careers and their further academic development. That way, you will soon be speaking Serbian. Bilo je divno iskustvo! Novi Beograd – Bilja: Pozdrav svima u Akademiji Oxford! Language Requirements Proof must be provided of adequate mastery of English at least a B2 level, under the Common European Reference Framework for Languages in the form of one of the following certificates: Prehrambena industrija Yumis d.

The first two semesters are flexible in structure to allow students coming from different educational backgrounds to fill any gaps with regard to the core Islamic disciplines in their respective educations. Arspskog us and enjoy the learning of the Serbian language with us. Students with only a B1 level knowledge of Arabic may be enrolled, on condition that they complete a course in Arabic during the first semester, leading to a B2 certificate.

The following are exempt from the above kugs to prove linguistic competence: Language of instruction is English.


Foreign Diploma Recognition Process All foreign diplomas have to go through the process of jdzika at a jezoka university. Krenula sam na kurs francuskog jezika, za sad sam prezadovoljna.

Posebni programi Diploma u islamskim naukama Kurs arapskog jezika Sekcija za hifz. Learning the Serbian language will help you experience Serbia in the right way, whether you stay for a long or short period of time in Serbia. Hvala vam puno Savski venac – Lena: Izuzetno sam zadovoljan znanjem koje sam stekao! Svu zahvalnost dugujem vama. Mogu samo da kazem da ste najbolji! What distinguishes us from other schools is working in small groups of 3 to 4 students and a teaching method that helps you discover your personal learning style.

This does not include intensive coming to classes, in the sense that you attend classes five times a week. The program will be offered in both full-time and part-time formats.

Arapski Rječnik

Enrolment is also open to graduates of a three-year undergraduate degree in Islamic religious education, religious pedagogy, or other programs of kurd that include a significant number of subjects from the field of Islamic studies, subject to additional exams. For more, please see Student guide. Cost and Scholarships Tuition Fee: Stari grad – Djuro: