Hello to everybody, This is my first post here although I have been following the forum for quite a while! I’ve been playing blues and rock on guitar for years and. This garbage pick four-string tenor guitar accompanies Kurt on “Polish Song” (” The Guitarteachers and authors of guitar methods like to argue over what the ” best” here allows for example in the book “Intervallic Improvisation – The Modern. Learn how to play 5 cool guitar licks in the style of Kurt Rosenwinkel.

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His text is filled with useful and practical tools that will be very valuable to any serious student.

Out of a discontent over letting the fingers dictate which voicing would be played he chose voluntary selfsabotage and started to randomly retune his guitar. For recording Kurt likes to have his amp miked with a single microphone.

As far as books, George Van Eps, Rosenwinmel Goodrick, there a number previously discussed elsewhere on this forum which was helpful to me. Even though Kurt acknowledges harmonic analysis and substitution as very interesting topics Kurt continues to recommend to such students to rather first memorize as many standards as possible. What do you think about those books?

Every jazz standard offers something different and interesting harmonically and melodically.

Benny on “Guitar method book suggestions for newbie! How to use them in an organized way or let’s say a standard remains a mystery to many. In his playing you will indeed encounter a lot of triads, doublestops rsoenwinkel.


A Modern Method for Guitar by William Leavett Vol is a classic that builds a solid foundation to go anywhere on guitar. If you can get through all three you’ll have some serious skills at your disposal. Guitar method book suggestions for newbie!

The Music of Kurt Rosenwinkel: Kurt Rosenwinkel Guitar Method Book

The tasteful exercises in this book demonstrate the genius of this virtuoso guitarist, who has now generously shared with us his knowledge. On one of the pages of chords in book 3, I still have a note my teacher wrote in to mock me: Currently Kurt plays a stock black Epiphone Emperor Yearequipped with a standard 0. Barry Finerty has a couple books.

On sunny days during his stint in Boston he could be sighted sitting in front of Berklee’s Mass. For fast arpeggios he likes to use hammer on’s with his ringfinger. He recalls transcribing Coltrane’s solos on “Satellite”, “Oleo” and “Airegin”. That is going to be the long haul task and challenge along with other things that have nothing to do with this that are deserving of further attention!

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The Music of Kurt Rosenwinkel: “A life unfolds” – Intro

I can’t see it getting distilled further than these pages for this stuff. Over time some topics have repeatedly come up that I work on regularly.

Despite being a guitar-friendly book with a complete mapping of the fretboard, the book is also useful for improvisers, arrangers, composers, theorists and students interested in the combinatorial approach to music. Playing the guitar means practicing your mental state of mind.


The Kurt Rosenwinkel Forum » Topic: Guitar method book suggestions for newbie!

Valuable information, deeply detailed and illustrated in order to bring both the student and the experienced musician the opportunity to experience harmony and all its combinatorial relations in a logical and effective way.

This book is a must for the contemporary musician. Two days spent with my former Berklee fellow Kurt Rosenwinkel and a workshop at the Musikhochschule Leipzig, Germany in May gave ample opportunity to ten years later cherish memories of Boston, to talk for hours about music, guitar playing and more. His preference for semi-acoustic guitars, with an emphasis in the midrange, stems from a highly developed sense for sonic balance within his trios.

Joe Pass “Guitar Style” is good, Jon Damian’s book on improvisation and composition, Bill Hart’s Chord Melody Method, Omnibook for Guitar was double good for me to learn how to finger a lot of bop stuffTed Reed’s drum book for rhythm work, and one can never go wrong with the any of the Bergonzi books.

Some of his songs stem from improvisational exercises. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 16 of You know, learning by making and correcting errors. Floatingbridge on “Guitar method book suggestions for newbie! If you do let him touch the keys it’ll be some time before you can get him off again.