KŪṬADANTA SUTTA, translated by T. W. Rhys Davids WHOEVER put this Sutta together must have been deeply imbued with the spirit of. Kutadanta’s Question. Brahman Kutadanta is prepaing to perform an abundant sacrifice. A lot of bulls, cows, goats and rams are brought to the. Now at that time the brahmin Kūṭadanta was living in Khāṇumata. It was a crown property given by King Seniya Bimbisāra of Magadha, teeming with living .

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5. Kutadanta Sutta

Finally, the chaplain gives sixteen reasons why the sacrifice will be successful, including:. He is welcoming, congenial, polite, smiling, open, the first to speak.

May the venerable Gotama grant me the favor of taking his to-morrow’s meal with me, and also the members of the Order with him.

And so these eight factors also became accessories to the sacrifice. Then he summoned the brahmin high priest and said to him: Presented to the Buddha Center on Saturday, November 29, So, having obtained the consent of his citizens and having prepared, the king announces about the forthcoming offering.

Note that this is an aid only, and is not always accurate. As in the previous sutta, the mayor, if we may use that word, goes up to his verandah for the mid-afternoon nap, clearly the norm at the time.

Some scholars claim that the original precept prohibited going to drinking establishments, not drinking per se. Dutta Master Gotama recall having performed such a sacrifice, or having facilitated it, and then, when his body broke up, after death, being reborn in a good place, a heavenly realm?


Each of these things is a sacrifice in the pure sense of converting matter to energy in the service of a higher intention. I want to offer that great sacrifice—let the venerable one instruct me how—for my weal and my welfare for many days.

And at daybreak he had sweet food, both hard and soft, made ready at the pit prepared for his sacrifice, and had the time announced to The Blessed One: The Blessed One once, when going on a tour through Magadha, with a great multitude of the brethren, with about five hundred brethren, came to a Brahman village in Magadha called Khanumata. The guests also brought funds to contribute to the ceremony, but the king rebuffed them, so they put their gifts to the east, south, west, and north of the sacrificial pit as offerings.

Then once again, the king asks the priest to prepare a sacrifice.

Khanumata is described as populous, full of grass, timber, water, and corn. The sutta makes these out to be sixteen, viz.

It is as if someone were to set up what had been knocked down, or to point out the way to one who had got lost, or to bring an oil-lamp into a dark place, so that those with eyes could see what was there.

Then those people, being intent in their own occupations, will not harm the kingdom. He who with trusting heart takes a Buddha as his guide, and the Truth, and the Order—that is a sacrifice better than open largesse, better than perpetual alms, better than the gift to a dwelling place. Just then, Kutadanta had gone up to his verandah for his midday rest.

He is revered, honored, esteemed and worshipped by them. However, even such a beneficial and non-violent sacrifice pales in comparison to the spiritual sacrifice of giving up attachments. You can also click to the full overview containing English textual excerpts. In the Upanishads it is very marked.


Kutadanta Sutta | Wikipitaka – The Completing Tipitaka | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Whosoever there be in the king’s realm who devote themselves to trade, to them let his majesty the king give capital. The Reverend Sonadanda is esteemed, made much of, honored, revered, worshipped by King Seniya Bimbisara and by the Brahmin Pokkharasati. And, sir, we shall all go to visit the ascetic Gotama.

Apart from anything else, no Brahmin would have consulted the Buddha, of all people, about how to perform a sacrifice which was supposed to be their specialty. What a splendid way to perform zutta sacrifice!

Many gods and humans are devoted to him.

DN 5: With Kūṭadanta—Bhikkhu Sujato

But he has made a strange muddle between it and vidho. Whosoever there be in the king’s realm who devote themselves to keeping cattle and the farm, to them let his majesty the king give food and seed-corn.

He said to the Buddha: At this the Brahmins shouted loudly and noisily: As day was breaking, he caused hard and soft food to be prepared at his place of sacrifice, and when it was ready he announced: And they each — Kshatriyas and Ministers and Brahmans and householders — made alike reply: