The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot The Outsider by Colin Wilson Holy .. El tema no es Hitler, sino la lanza de longino y el cristianismo esotérico. . LA LANCE DU DESTIN (Camion Noir). How hitler inverted the force in a bid to conquer the world. The paper of wabash county june 10, issue issuu. For 18 years we provide a free and legal. Buy La lance du destin by Trevor Ravenscroft, Tahir de La Nive (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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Ironically, the least convincing aspect of the book is Trevor Ravenscroft’s main thesis of Hitler teevor motivated so much by the quest for the Spear of Destiny. Archived from the original on 26 June His final mentor, Karl Haushofer influenced his Aryan superiority legacy beliefs though his book, The Secret Doctrine. This page was labce edited on 14 Decemberat Oct 29, Zadignose rated it did not like it.

Feb 11, Fishface rated it really liked it Shelves: During the June Siege of Antiocha poor monk named Peter Bartholomew reported that he had a vision in which St. Emperor Henry II had it made with a small sliver of the original lance. As far out as the premise is you would think that at the least Spear of Destiny would be somewhat entertaining, maybe in the vain of something like one of those wacky right wing Christian books that claims world elites are shapeshifting Satan worshippers, but Spear of Destiny actually manages to be boring on top of everything else.

Based on X-ray diffraction, fluorescence tests, and other noninvasive procedures, he dated the main body of the spear to the 7th century at the earliest [10] [14] Feather stated in the same documentary that an iron pin — long claimed to be a nail from the crucifixion, hammered into the blade and set off by tiny brass crosses — is “consistent” in length and shape with a 1st-century A.


Assuming total power over the nation, he would be responsible one day for reducing the whole of Germany to rubble and its people to a defeat and moreal degradation hitherto unknown to history.

When you look into this this is same story as ever – from ancient Greece to legends of Arthur and why not: Reads like a history book all the way through. A better introductory book to the topic is Peter Levenda’s Unholy Lanec. So the final verdict would be – interesting book that reads more like fiction than some serious book again considering the subject this is to be expected. Rozier rated it really liked it. At this time great doubts as to its authenticity were felt at Rome, as Johann Burchard records, [7] because of the presence of other rival lances in Paris the point ravesncroft had been separated from the lanceNuremberg see Holy Lance in Vienna belowand Armenia see Holy Lance in Echmiadzin below.

Keep in mind that it requires large amount of effort to finish. It was previously held in the monastery of Geghard. Just before they did so, they realized that Jesus was already dead and that there was no reason to break his legs.

And did anyone know it’s currently on display in Austria?

Nov 04, Senan Gil Senan rated it it was amazing. Now that is scarily precient for a author’s prediction from Dec 14, Jon rated it did not like it. Return to Book Page. I think the book could have been a better read had Steiner’s work been introduced earlier and integrated more smoothly into the narrative. All in all, a highly recommended read, perhaps should even be considered one of the classic textbooks on the Occult roots of Nazism.

Ravenscroft, Trevor [WorldCat Identities]

The point of the lance was then enshrined with the crown of thorns in the Sainte Chapelle in Paris. Want to Desti Currently Reading Read.

I seem to remember the closest thing anybody ever came across showing Hitler being involved in the occult was he subscribed to a Thule Society newsletter in his early adulthood. Somewhere in the middle book seems to loose its footing and starts a spiral into such a static-noise of numerous characters, re-incarnations, hidden histories and events that your head will spin until it ends in such a abrupt manner it is unbelievable – I had to re-read the ending few times in order to make sure I am not missing pages.


This is a rare journey into the world that formed the monster that Hitler, the man became. Apr 27, Signor Mambrino rated it did not like it.

At another, he seems to forget the name of Adolf Eichmann.

Make of that what you will. Ravesncroft are few elements that you will not see coming – I especially liked the turn on Tibetans.

Mar 13, Marco rated it dwstin was ok. As for the larger portion of the lance, Arculpus claimed he saw it at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre around in Jerusalem, but there is otherwise no mention of it after the sack in It is a typical winged lance destni the Carolingian dynasty. The Museum dates the Lance to the eighth century. I think I read this insane book sometime in the s.

I mean, if the true insane conspiracy and historical horror can be equated to a silly supernatural fantasy conspiracy, then a person can deny one as easily as the other. What really gets me is how Ravenscroft will be explaining perfectly festin things and then all of a sudden he goes off into an explanation about demons, possessions, Atlantis, reincarnation with such an incredible leap of faith that I was thoroughly staggered.

Ravenscroft, Trevor 1921-1989

To make sure that he was dead, a Roman soldier named in extra-Biblical tradition as Longinus stabbed him in the side. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

And that’s probably enough pontificating about a book that I don’t even remember from several decades ago. Archives of American Art.