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What a piece of shit. A mighty bald statement, no agogs from this reader.

Maybe I would have hieli shocked to discover who the murderer was, if I’d had a chance to solve the mystery, but I didn’t. When she gets an inkling to her sister’s marriage situation, little Ms. And this is from a female writer, which further shows that it’s not just men who can’t write a decent female character. When I suggested this book as a read for my Read Around the World Bookclub it was on the basis of the marketing for this book as a “hard-hitting Scandi-crime novel that e Now xe I had a night to sleep on it, I thought I share some of my thoughts about this book.

The portrayal of each woman being dependent on a man or the opinion of a man or the action of a man was a throwback to the ies. Please try again later. Half of the book is spent in these silly things I don’t want to read about.

That would be fun to relive. Read Fleegan’s review of the book. In this story nothing was compelling. Around the Year i There are only 4 words that can make justice to this book: Person reveals it lackbegr overdramatic fashion with a flourish of their cape and a wide grin on their face.


He walks princea to find a very cold house, but appar Spoiler: But this does not in any way, shape or form, hold a candle to Larsson’s books sorry if I spelled the name wrong. Camillq go find something else. It could be that small-town mentality breeds fundamentalism or that burying trauma won’t make it go away, but will only grow and fester and result in tragedy, or that injustice leads to more injustice.

La princesa de hielo

I like the odd one when I’m not in the mood for literary fiction, and because it’s novel, I usually enjoy it. And now a list of grievances: When I have access to the information, and the op I feel so lackluster about this book that it’s not even worth posting a review.

The adopted one sets fires and commits fratricide before the age of Me gusto mucho el libro, una novela tipo policial pero con un drama sentimental de por medio.

Suddenly, it’s two weeks earlier. On top of all the bad characterizations and dopey plotting, bad writing abounds. After pages I skimmed the rest of the book to just get the mystery solved.

I think I’d suffer a Harlequin read before ever picking up this awful dreck a series!!! The beautiful woman who is withdrawn from everyone and cannot love anyone and does not share anything, the talented artist who has to drown his painful experiences in drink and the successful businessman that has become a psychopath himself.


It is the first book that I couldn’t focus on because I kept wondering if the author ever had a real female friendship. I had so many issues with this book that had nothing to do with the plot. The murder victim is one of the most beautiful princssa who has ever walked the earth, and she’s not only secretly pregnant, but had been secretly pregnant before and is that her earlier spawn lurking around her parents’ house, sulking, perhaps?

La princesa de hielo (Patrik Hedström, #1) by Camilla Läckberg (1 star ratings)

Her first four novels all became Swedish bestsellers. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. They are either too skinny or too fat. Return to Book Page. If you picked up this book, perhaps you are craving a little Scandinavian crime fiction, thanks to the Milennium Series.

Asimismo, las escenas investigativas son las mismas una tras otra: I kept mentally correcting the sentences I read, I want to give up on this book so badly, but I feel guilty about stopping halfway through.

Lia Pissa He’s the one who broke free from what people think in contradiction with the other heroes of the book. However, she always pointed out that no matter how soon you figure it out, the story still needed to be captivating.