Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Barnes has joined the co-authors of Footfall to The Legacy of Heorot (Heorot series Book 1) by [Niven, Larry. The Legacy of Heorot (Heorot series, Book 1) [Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Steven Barnes, Tom Weiner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Legacy of Heorot (Heorot, No 1) [Larry Niven, Steven Barnes, Jerry Pournelle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Light years from Earth.

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This is a space exploration, space colonization novel of people from Earth meeting challenges on an alien world. Carlos, thanks to the casual racism of the book, is the stereotypical ‘Latin lover’ from Argentina – he is promiscuous, but lovable, and says shit like “Madre de Dios” in times of action.

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Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Books by Larry Niven. There’s a sequel, too. Dream Park The Descent of Anansi Carlos, thanks to the casual racism of the book, If it weren’t for the characters, this may not have been so bad.

Lfgacy actually takes place when the children born in this book get old enough to begin claiming the planet for themselves. However, now that they have basically gone out and killed all the mature ones there is nothing keeping the population down, so they pretty quickly discover legacj the whole island is swarming with monsters. Its cardiovascular system and musculature give it strength and stamina far beyond that of humans, and that is without its primary evolutionary advantage: It’s always sad when one of your favorite authors lays such an bad hforot.

This is essential SciFi reading. I liked this and its sequel a lot, Niven and Pournelle produce readable, engaging and interesting sci-fi without weirding me out.

Creature: a grendel from the novel Legacy of Heorot (WIP)

As Noted above, I can highly recommend this one. All times are GMT I remember eating a bowl of cereal around midnight, sitting at the kitchen table un When I was in eighth grade, I watched The Ring og a friend’s house. The duo is joined by Steven Barnesa relative unknown at the time, who provides the action and – numerous – sex scenes. Pace was good and fast.


The Legacy of Heorot

The science was brilliant and handled in pf a way as not to overwhelm the reader or bore them to death – incorporated into the story and revealed in baby steps to allow the reader a full understanding of the alien biology as the story unfolded – much like a well-crafted mystery.

If you’ve read this far and don’t want a spoiler, stop here. By the way, I’ve read some negative and disappointed reviews about this book’s sequel so I don’t know if I’ll read it or not. The story is well written too, with almost perfect pacing, strong characters and some well-handled human drama and intrigue, to boot.

Read reviews that mention science fiction legacy of heorot niven and pournelle larry niven tau ceti years ago fast paced jerry pournelle worth reading writing style mote in god god eye well thought beowulf children steven barnes niven and jerry well done flora and fauna edge of my seat read this book. Learn more about Amazon Prime. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? I find usually I get bad black artifacts in mine, what are your bump settings?

The other interesting thing is that the planet is legavy light years from Earth, and they took a hundred years to get there from Earth, and they are talking about advertising for new colonists. I remember eating a bowl of cereal around midnight, sitting at the kitchen table under one bulb, surrounded by three adjacent darkened rooms, nervously glancing back lwgacy forth to each doorway. He has since lived in Los Angeles suburbs, including Chatsworth and Tarzana, as a full-time writer.

The Legacy of Heorot (Heorot, book 1) by Steven Barnes, Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

Believable for space colonization in the future. The grendels are like frogs and the samlons are like legacg. Subjects Fiction Science Fiction.

Not only is it a totally awesome story, it is also the book I used to bait my wife into the Science Fiction genre. Avalon, which is what they’ve named the colony see In some ways this book was very imaginative and in some ways just another Heinlen-like hero story.

In fact, much of his writing since the s has been legacj collaboration, particularly with Pournelle, Steven BarnesBrenda Cooperor Edward M. For me the Grendel is the perfect predator however flawed it is – and to me reminds me a lot of the other more famous alien predators of science fiction, perfectly lehacy to the environment it lives in, exploiting its advantage once humans blunder in to its domain.


The background setting of how the colony was established and how it operated is well thought out. When military advisor Cadmann Weyland gets uneasy about animals going missing and fences being torn down he suspects that something is stalking the recently established colony. In some ways this lrgacy was very imaginative and in some ways just another Heinlen-like hero story.

Got inspired to do hrorot sketches and later build a 3d model in 3DSMax of the main creature in the novel, the monster the colonists called a heort it’s not completely accurate to the book, but was my take on what I thought it would look like. Based on the first half of this book, my leaning was for a 5 star review as it is well written, with unique characters.

Views Read Edit View history. The book’s most glaring flaw is also the most fatal: Trivia About The Legacy of Heo When he returns alone his companion having been killed during the huntbadly wounded, and with a chunk of burnt tissue he claims lefacy from the monster, he is drugged and restrained.

Now that it is over, the colonists hope the story of their battle will inspire Earth’s population to restart the colonization program. Legxcy – the Online Art School. Congrats on great work, Scott.

Their intelligence and reasoning skill are damaged. Too often the militaristic all action type end up in conflict with science where one wants to study while the other was to put down the threat, here you see them working together to solve the problem although there is still their fair share of antagonism. The laser-based welding tools and plasma-based drilling equipment are used as weapons.

Fo to send so many questions but it is such a successfl piece.