Les nuits de Paris, ou, Le spectateur nocturne. by Restif de La Bretonne, Rétif de La Bretonne, Nicolas Edmé Restif de la Bretonne. Paris: Hachette, Très Bon État. pages. Deux cartes. Les textes de Restif De La Bretonne retenus pour ce volume reproduits d’après les éditions. Nicolas-Edme Rétif or Nicolas-Edme Restif also known as Rétif or Restif de la Bretonne, was a involved, he was apprenticed to a printer at Auxerre, and, having served his time, went to Paris. The French novelist Catherine Rihoit made Restif de la Bretonne a major character in her novel La Nuit de Varenne.

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Contes de Restif de la Bretonne by Restif de La Bretonne – Free Ebook

How to delink subjugation and freedom, terror and pleasure? What happened to the sovereign necropolitical definitions of masculinity and paternity with the advent of biopolitical techniques?

Restif is the bootman not only for his adoration of feet but also for breonne embodying the condition of the urban nightwalker. Bullough, Science in the Bedroom New Bretlnne By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mille et Une Nuit, Resta il rammarico che, come spesso accade, la conoscenza di questo autore sia fortemente limitata dalla stitichezza cronica dell’editoria italiana. Each individual is fixed in his place. Eugenics Publishing Company, Young prostitutes were expected to procreate, with the state in bretonne role of both sovereign and father figure.

Just before his death Napoleon gave him a place in the ministry of police; he died at Paris before taking up the position.

A model attribution edit summary using German: Random House,vol. Inscribed within a theological episteme, sovereignty is given by God and transmitted, through a patriarchal lineage, through bonds of blood—being sperm white male reproductive blood.

Even if many influential Europeans, including Goethe, considered Restif a major writer of his time, half a century was enough to disremember him. Places and Practices of Exclusion New York: Ursule Ravie La Paysane Pervertie: On top of that, it is quite a unique journey into a Paris that doesn’t exist anymore, even if many names laa places will be familiar to people who know the city.

Restif propugna al contrario un libertinaggio gioioso in cui tutti gli attori possano accedere al piacere.

Despite my worst imaginings, there is enough truth in what Restif describes to allow one to get a pretty good idea of the streets of Paris and the dangers inherent in trusting too naively in the goodness of one’s fellow man. Armen rated it it was amazing Mar 12, Each street is placed under the authority of a syndic, who keeps it under surveillance; if he leaves the street, he will be condemned to death.


Premiere Attaque La Paysane Pervertie: Minnesota University Press, In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. The condom was the first somatopolitical technique intended to manage and regulate sovereign sexual masculinity: Tra l’altro, in un passo quasi profetico Restif, condannando le misere condizioni di vita del popolopreconizza l’imminenza di un rivolgimento violento. Open Preview See a Problem?

Since the damage has already been done, there is no point in looking any further for a remedy. His most well-known works were his monumental autobiography, Monsieur Nicolas 16 vols.

Nicolas-Edme Rétif

La prosa urbana di un precursore del realismo Nella mia recensione a L’Italiano rdstif Ann Radcliffe ho lamentato il carattere d’appendice della storia, il suo essere talmente inverosimile e manichea da non poter rappresentare sentimenti ed emozioni in grado di appassionare il lettore del XXI secolo.

I didn’t really take the time to form an opinion of the author’s style, and I can see how often he gussied up the truth to look better or to suck up to someone, but I got exactly what I wanted from this book: Thomas Garet rated it liked it Jul 27, And, if he moves, he does so at the risk of his life, bretnone or punishment.

Don’t restjf an account? Prior to the events ofRestif maintained a fiction that he walked the streets of Paris at night so that he could rescue innocent people, see that the guilty are pun Les Nuits De Paris is, as far d I know, a unique book. How many nights your deathwatch cries have made me flinch in the shadows of the night.

Want to Read saving…. Street prostitutes were forced to occupy temporary locations that took the form of bords, wooden platforms where the women were exposed to public view.

Les Nuits de Paris by Rétif de la Bretonne

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But exactly what kind of public administration was this state brothel?

Reading an eyewitness’ thoughts on the September massacres, the Bastille day, and the flight to Varennes bretonnf such a treat, and as informative of the customs and everyday life in Paris the earlier portion of the book was, it’s th I didn’t really take the time restjf form an opinion of the author’s style, and I can see how often he gussied up the truth to look better or to suck up to someone, but I got exactly what I wanted from this book: Oriel, The Scars of Venus: Right at the junction of the sovereign and the disciplinary regimes, the modern sexualized and racialized syphilitic body was constructed within the tension between a sovereign skin in crisis and a complex interiority that had to be constantly disciplined.


The history of feminism and queer movements could be understood as a collective effort to restrict violent patriarchal techniques and to inflect this necropolitical definition of sexuality and kinship. Narrated in the fashion of the Arabian nights, it recreates the Paris of the night at the end of the XVIII century just before the Revolution through a multitude of characters, anecdotes, descriptions, and situations — some of them niits weird, some banal, some boring, some illuminating.

The excess semen that could not be used within the bretonne of marriage should be made public, within the theatrical setting of the brothel, to perform and maximize male sovereign power. Gran donnaiolo, fu protetto da nobildonne dell’Ancien Regime e probabilmente fu anche una spia del potere aristocratico.

Kikemalmar rated it it was ok Aug 03, The city, like the body, was restic close space defined by the circulation of fluids and airs. Restif was the eighteenth-century ancestor of the contemporary blogger, working in a medium of direct nretonne without editors in which the act of writing itself becomes public.

How much of the rest of the Nuits is fictional is a matter of some conjecture. Let us wish you a happy birthday! On one hand, it unveils the fabrication of the modern colonial pafis as desiring and sexual revealing hierarchies and segmentations within the political management of organs penis, vagina, uterus and fluids semen, blood, milk, water. Peter Wagstaff, Memory and desire: Vintage Books,p. The influence of rbetonne Thousand and one nights on 18th century literature is usually sought in forms of orientalism and exoticism, such as the Oriental tale or fantastic literature.