Let There Be Light, 9th edition (), Darius Dinshah his favorite quotations was from the Bible, “And God said, ‘Let there be Light ‘” which. Let There Be Light has 11 ratings and 1 review. Mary said: While Let There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy by. Darius Dinshah. LET THERE BE LIGHT DARIUS DINSHAH, S C N. Eleventh Edition Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy FULL-SPECTRUM ILLUMINATION 1.

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These examples illustrate the reasoning for part of the Spectro-Chrome system.

If urine is excessive, tonate Purple on areas ; a decrease in fluid may be required diabetes or other disorder may be present and require attention. One tonation in the day and one at night is generally sufficient, and gives the body time to equilibrate itself between tonations.

In many cases, the functions have been restored after the classical remedies have failed.

This does not apply to incandescent bulbs made with neodymium Reveal, Chromalux, Enrich, Bulbrite, etc. In an emergency, any means of approximating a Color can be used; that would be Color therapy but not necessarily Spectro-Chrome therapy. That Dinshah was aware of their value is demonstrated by his quest for the Color projector. Spectro- Chrome in Diagnosed Disorders 10, Acromegaly a. It is permissible to change one Color step during a tonation rather than wait for the next Forecast time.

Rotating the use of two sets of rechargeable batteries can be used to lessen the expense. Further, while Spectro-Chrome cannot overcome every health condition, it does not cause disastrous side effects as so many medical drugs are known to do. The five attuned slides were used in this manner: Then, the necessity of matching the knowledge of the past with materials cur- rently available.

The flu season is here and the media are again extolling the value in getting a “shot at least for the elderly”. Light sources from a lantern to Sunlight, which is many thousands of times brighter, have been used without a noticeable difference in results.


He based Spectro-Chrome on Dr. In this and the following Chapter you will see many caged, bold-faced numbers like this: If a recent condition is being tonated, it is sometimes helpful or necessary to use an extended or even a continuous tonation until satisfactory progress is noted a high fever is controlled, itching from poison ivy does not return when the tonation is rarius, and so on.

Their occupations covered most branches of the medical profession, as well as many laypersons. The diagram below aids in visualizing the meaning of each of those terms.

Let There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy by Darius Dinshah

People are built in approximately the same mold with a heart, lungs, skin, teeth, etc. Most of the Color schedules for acute disorders recommend Turquoise because it is a combination of, at least partly, the effects of both Green and Blue. Use S-C and water-power, skip the shots. Green and Indigo on 1.

Let There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy

These “artificial” colors considerably expanded the scope of health conditions amenable to color therapy. Spectro-Chrome can be and has been efficacious whether the person believed in it or not, and even with unconscious persons. Dinshah believed the metallic fillings could produce minute electric currents which may dariius to disorders of an obscure character, and of course the very real possibility of mercury poisoning.

His defense was success- ful in Dinshh against a charge of grand larceny -that the complainant was defrauded because Spectro-Chrome could not have any effect on diseases; Dinshah proved that it did with several lay and medical practitioners testifying for him see Chapter 11, A Triumph for Spectro-Chrome.

An average of the five was determined with the “Auriculator” aura calculator device on the Iti- someter. Dsrius marked it as to-read Mar 31, Read on, and see the Light. Dinshah as he preferred to be known devised a method of combining filters to create colors which do not exist in the visible spectrum.


That is the essence of Darkus but the actual technique is considerably more complex, and subject to errors if great care is not observed. Among the many situations which draius likely to be beyond the scope of self-help are severe dehydration, heart failure, conditions requiring oxygen therapy, and certain first-aid measures. For a substitute method, see Chapter five, part two, paragraph O.

Generally, Chapter six, Tonations by Symptoms, can help. He flew the first police airmail, New York to Philadelphia. Color is the simplest and most accurate therapeutic measure yet developed. This will run on any DVD player as it is not regionally coded.

Doctor marked it as to-read Nov 14, Also, it is advisable to rest in the darkened room for a few minutes after a tonation. Projector bulbs are run excessively luminous to give a brilliant image on the screen so their life expectancy is typically quite short. Select a tonation time from the Variant Breath Forecast.

Lectured on x-rays and radioactivity; the New York Times and other newspapers termed him the “Parsee Edison’. Babbitt dosed with only a tablespoonful or so at a time, I have used it by the glassful which may have been far more than necessary but did not cause any side effects which certainly would have resulted from a drug overdose of that magnitude.

Typical fluorescent tube note large energy peaks in Yellow, Green and Violet areas: Their wide margins and numerous pages pertaining to courses taught by Dinshah have been deleted; dinshxh the text has not been edited.