Questionnaire on the implementation of the LibQUAL+ Survey. Implementation. 1 . Was this the first year you have used LibQUAL+. (If not first time please list. As part of the University Libraries and the Wegner Health Science Information Center’s commitment to supporting teaching, learning and research among faculty. From the analysis of LibQUAL+® assessment procedures, the .. The instrument was originally designed by its creators as a questionnaire.

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This will aid in developing benchmarks and understanding best practices across institutions, and will help the Mount Library to align services with user expectations.

Each response will be stored separately as it reaches the server. The survey summary results will be oibqual available to participants via the World Wide Web on a password-protected Web site.

Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. The Mount Library will receive initial results in May, and will share final results with the campus community by the fall.

How long will the survey take?

University Library user survey LibQUAL+ | University of Groningen Library | University of Groningen

This design will libwual analysis of gaps between expectations, perception and the minimum acceptable level of service. As individual libraries receive information about areas needing questoinnaire, this project will allow libraries to compare their service quality with other peer institutions, to develop benchmarks, and to surface best practices across institutions.

Participating institutions will have access to summary results for each institution, allowing for comparisons among peer institutions and all participating academic institutions. This effort was supported in part by a three-year grant from the U. How and when is the survey being conducted?


Automatic reminder notices from the will be sent. What do the survey results look like? Survey results will include aggregate summaries, demographics by library, item summaries, dimension summaries, and dimensions measured for survey implementation. How will this survey benefit the University of Lethbridge? You can get another copy questilnnaire the web link.

I found the Pakistan study very useful. In addition, each library may select 5 questions from a list of optional questions. The survey is straightforward and involves no deception or coercion.

Parasuraman, and Valarie A. Do all libraries use the same questions? If the experienced level is lower than the desired qhestionnaire level then that is a signal to the library to start improvements. First, only very indirect information is captured which would be difficult to trace back to an individual.

How long does it take to complete the questionnaire?

We use LibQUAL Lite, where respondents are asked to answer 16 questions which are selected from a pool of 38 questions. Although some information is captured from respondents, such as network and email address, privacy is protected in two ways. Reminders, therefore, are distributed to everyone in the survey group. It does not rely on erratically supported browser features such as Java or cookies.

When submitted, survey responses and identifying information are immediately separated, so we have no way of knowing who has already responded. Central to the program is a web-based survey in which library users evaluate the offered products and services and make suggestions for improvements. The first results are expected in autumn Any browser should work so long as it is not too old. In addition, each Library may select 5 questions from a list of optional questions.

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University of Groningen Library

The winner will be announced in mid-April on qustionnaire Mount Library home page http: Why isn’t the survey at a local Web address?

There will be no compensation per se for completing the survey, though an incentive prize will be offered as thanks to participants. This design will permit analysis of gaps between expectations, perception, and minimum acceptance level of service. Those applications revealed the need for a newly adapted tool that would serve the particular requirements of libraries.

Why isn’t the survey at a local Web address? Why are reminders sent to respondents who have already completed the survey?

LibQual+TM Questionnaire Download

Potential respondents may elect not to proceed with the survey after reading the guarantees of confidentiality and privacy. Results will be compiled in a report that will be posted at this Web site and posted in Insight. Summary statistics only are shared with other institutions. Neetesh Dubey on December 24, at The survey typically takes from 10 to 15 minutes to complete. What will be done with the survey results? Why are reminders sent to respondents who have already completed th What discipline category should I choose for my area or major?

For a complete list, please visit: