S3. A Clinical Guideline for Implementation of Kangaroo Care With Premature. Infants of 30 or More Weeks’. Postmenstrual Age. Susan M. Ludington-Hoe, PhD, . AACN Clin Issues. Jul-Sep;16(3) Skin-to-skin contact (Kangaroo Care) analgesia for preterm infant heel stick. Ludington-Hoe SM(1), Hosseini R. Kangaroo care (KC) is the practice of skin-to-skin contact between infant and parent. . Ludington-Hoe SM, Morgan K, Abbouelfettoh A. A clinical guideline for .

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Impact of skin to skin care, prone and supine positioning on cardiorespiratory parameters and thermoregulation in premature infants.

Mothers show enhanced attachment behaviours and describe an increased sense of their role as a caee. Information is available to assist in developing guidelines and protocols. Mothers who have had the opportunity to provide KC for their infants describe feelings of being needed, increased confidence in knowing their infants and a sense of their role as a mother What to Eat When.

The Essential Vegetarian Keto Cookbook. The Mindful Glow Cookbook. Information is available to assist nurseries in developing best-practice guidelines and protocols for implementation 6 — 9.

Kangaroo Care

Prevention No Bloat Diet. Support Center Support Center. Looking for More Great Kanfaroo Ludington is a founding member of the International Network for Kangaroo Mother Care that was started in and currently serves as a Steering Committee member of the international group. Global report on preterm birth and stillbirth 3 of 7: Neurophysiological assessment of neonatal sleep organization: In developing countries, KC for low-birthweight infants has been shown to reduce mortality, severe illness, infection and length of hospital stay.


Kangaroo Care positioning before and during heel stick is a simple and inexpensive analgesic intervention to ameliorate pain in stable premature infants. Anderson GC, et al. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Kangaroo care for the preterm infant and family

Family-centred care, Kangaroo care, Preterm infant, Skin-to-skin care. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Two cohort studies have shown that preterm infants ranging in gestational age from 25 to 35 weeks who received KC during their hospital stay had improved neurodevelopmental outcome, scoring higher on the Mental Development Index and Psychomotor Development Index of the Bayley Scales of Infant Development both at six months 17 and at 12 months 19 when compared with infants who received conventional care.

She is also a certified nurse midwife. In this setting, KMC reduced infant mortality and improved mother-infant attachment 1. The Vital Psoas Muscle.

Skin-to-skin contact (Kangaroo Care) analgesia for preterm infant heel stick.

Feb 01, Pages Buy. Kangaroo Care, a technique pioneered in leading neonatal centers worldwide, gives you a unique role: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Surgery. See all books by Susan Ludington-Hoe. The Bodymind Ballwork Method.

She has been repeatedly funded by the National Institutes of Health to conduct randomized controlled trials of Kangaroo Care and establish the evidence base for Kangaroo Care effects on infant physiology and development. How to Feed Yourself.

Infants were discharged home regardless of weight as soon as their mother understood how to care for and feed her infant. Preterm birth and admission to the NICU result in separation of mother and baby, interrupting the process of attachment. The Complete Diabetes Cookbook. Some centres routinely and successfully provide skin-to-skin care for infants with ludkngton tubes and on ventilators, including high-frequency oscillatory ventilation 8.


Editors of Rodale Books. Continued research has explored the safety and benefits of KC for the preterm infant in the NICU setting, and is briefly reviewed in this practice point. Meta-analysis of physiological effects of skin-to-skin kagaroo for newborns and mothers.

Ludington has been studying Kangaroo Care sinceconducting the first research study of the method in the United States. Kangarlo, decisions about KC during infectious outbreaks would need to be made on an individual basis in consultation with infectious disease personnel. Holding the very low birth weight infant: Variations, taking into account individual circumstances, may be appropriate.

Kangaroo care for the preterm infant and family

She presents several topics at the KC certification conference and runs the Neonatal Intensive Care skills lab for the program. Comparison of kangaroo care and standard care: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Charlotte Watts and Natalie Savona. KC is also beneficial for preterm infants in high-income countries. Ludington-Hoe has published numerous scholarly articles documenting her research studies in… More about Susan Ludington-Hoe.

A meta-analysis of 23 cafe of term and preterm infants gestational age range 26 to 36 weeks concluded that there was an increase in body temperature of 0.