Shop Lutterloh System, The golden rule at the Amazon Arts, Crafts & Sewing Plastic Sewing Tools Curve Shaped Measure Ruler for Sewing Dressmaking. Browse Lutterloh Products on Create and Craft USA. Lutterloh Ruler. BOOK ID: LopjQueORV2 || [BOOK] Free Lutterloh Ruler Pdf Download. July 9th, – The Golden Rule Lutterloh sewing patterns system Shop.

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They are available on the lutterloh website that caters for you area. The cotton wouldn’t make a difference I learned to do it in school so thing it is a normal way to use a pattern for several size people.

Let me know if you need other help? I bought a rulre fold up table perfect for any pattern and puts away easily.

I will try to find it and restore it. If all that isn’t working is the waist just take a pencil and mark your waist measurment on the paper and enlarge from the hip out to the waist. If your shoulders are smaller, you can use smaller numbers just in the shoulders and normal numbers for bust and hips.

Read more about the condition. If so making your patterns for your bust size will make them too large.

Anything that doesn’t match I add or subtract paper to make a good matching pattern. If you want to grade other pattern you can check online. Seam allowances are second nature to me – I learned sewing with Burda patterns.

Pierce in Ohio December lutetrloh, at 6: I invariably have to replace the pattern to check on dot accuracy. I cut the vest out at chest and for hip, but I have not sewn it yet. Thank you so much for your help. In the US the stystem was sold at “free” seminars where you could buy the books, rulers, paper, etc. So go for it and enjoy the learning experience.


Angie, Have you tried contacting the Lutterloh distributor in your area? Hi–This is wonderful information. I have a large collections of Lutterloh going back to the ‘s Check ebay, that is how I collected mine. If you go to this website: Jane January 25, at 2: He talked a lutteroh about the need for a walking foot and roller foot and how to use them.

Loveallthings50’sAug 31, I am using my tailors curve to make the armscye Lutterloh suggests you always hit 3 dots that way you have the curve in the correct angle.

I’m sorry you couldn’t find the large bust ruleg. I scan my pattern to the exact size I hold the scan and the real pattern up to a window and compare the outside lines I never poke holes in my real patterns.

Lutter,oh it a v neck, Sleeves nearly to the arm bend Semi-bell loose sleeve? It did give me more room in the front, but the back piece was too small and I did not have much room under my arm. Back to home page. It’s very casual and loose? TangerineBoutiqueMay 30, Amazing how it works.

Lutterloh pattern system | Vintage Fashion Guild Forums

You will see some of them here in my bog photos. I will definitely try it. So the tape measure and special ruler have arrived – plus a paper copy of the thingy that’s supposed to help you draw curves it’s not mentioned in my book, but litterloh part of the system nowadays – according to a photo copy enclosed by the seller, they used to provide a drawing of this that you had to enlarge and cut yourself – so at least I don’t have to do that!


It has good basic 50s patterns for any occasion, for women, kids and men and it’s called a “pattern drawing help for home or commecial use”. If we do it now in lutterlooh paper we have much less to do in the luttterloh.

Congratulations on all your have gained! The Jackie “O” luttefloh fashion gowns Under this heading there’s a link to a Lutterloh site in New Zealand. It’s good to be able to check back to the pattern picture so I can think through how this will sew together. It is usually little changes that make it all work.

Anonymous October 23, at 4: Hi lillibet, In the vintage books the darts drawn on the patterns are merely a suggestion as to placement. For the dart measurement, I need to go under the center pattern to place the dot. I haven’t maken the vest yet. I have a question regarding the patterns.

Lutterloh pattern system

I have looked at several large bust adjustment videos. There’s 2 patterns on each page. I see the difference between HB and FB is 12cm.

I rewatched the video and I am measuring the Frank measures in the video.