MAGICDRAW REPORT. WIZARD version user guide. No Magic, Inc. .. Report Wizard UI, the Velocity Template Language (VTL), the application’s Open . MagicDraw Report Wizard Templates using Velocity Template MagicDraw model, allowing the user to have a report that is updated .. Palenskiene, Agne., “No Magic” MagicDraw Documentation [online database], URL. Item 8 – MagicDraw Documentation and Support Help . Model Extension Report Sequence Diagram from Java Source Wizard

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You can click the Recursive Renumber button to renumber all requirements that are recursively contained inside the selected node. Such constraints can be arbitrarily complex mathematical or logical expressions. Figure 9 — Selection of first solution Figure 10 — Valid elements Each implemented constraint has its own appropriate ussr.

In general, you should define constraints in constraint blocks in a Block Definition Diagram first, and then use a Parametric Diagram to bind constraint parameters to properties. There are five levels of severities: Select a report template and click Next in the Report Wizard dialog. Thus, this model is invalid since some elements are invalid against the constraint. Open the Project Options dialog.

SysML Plugin User Guide

To generate a report, click the Report icon on the table toolbar. The Select Diagrams dialog opens. They capture actions and display their results. These selected symbols must be owned by the same Classifier. Wziard you have selected Validation Selection, click the browse button A separator is used to separate each level of number.

Figure 97 — Class diagram of the decomposed activities Swimlane Allocations Actions and subactivities can be organized into swimlanes in the activity diagrams. The part will be converted to a set uder Nested Parts. For example, if the selected context is A then the compartment label will be values A.


Select a target of the Association Block by either selecting an existing Block on the diagram to be used, or clicking on empty space on the diagram to create such target Block. The elements owned by the package will then be displayed in the package. The callout notation can also be used to reflect the relationships of other models. All requirements in the table will be exported to a selected file format. Right-click a property and select Show Slot Type on the shortcut menu.

By default, this property is set to true for the SysML project.

Select the check box es in front of the packages, mayicdraw, or profiles that will be the row scope. The full port is created on the diagram frame. Specify the report file name, report file format, and image file format. Select a compartment to be customized. Text Y A requirement text. Dependency List You can view a list of dependencies associated with a cell in an editable matrix by right-clicking on the cell, and then select Dependency List from the context menu.

SysML Plugin User Guide

Figure — Change Use Cases Numbering dialog 3. Low To indicate a minimal level of risk or no risk. In the Display Parts dialog, when only the nested part property of a class is selected, that class with the nested part property selected will be displayed with the name guid the class that contains the nested part property inside giide the name of the nested part, separated from each other with the dot notation.


They often correspond to the organizational units in a business model. However, if there is qizard value available in any context, the class-level default value will be displayed in the ContextSpecific Value Compartment, indicating that the property is not reconfigured at all. If the current perspective is not the System Engineer perspective, the Open Associated Perspective dialog will open.

A Question dialog will open, indicating that this feature requires UseCase Description Profile, and ask if you would like to use it. A unit often relies on precise and reproducible measuring techniques.

The diagram or the corresponding element opens in the Containment tree. Automatic Numbering Once this functionality is turned on, the IDs of the newly-created requirements will be numbered automatically.

A combination of diagrams, tables, model queries and simple text fragments can be presented in a built-in preview window or exported to PDF or HTML documents.

ConstraintBlock A Binding connectors are used to bind each parameter of the constraint block to a property in the surrounding context. In the Universe context, the value of z is set to 2. In the swimlanes, the actions that are not allocated or allocated incorrectly are highlighted and automatic solutions are suggested. They can be vertical and horizontal.

A dependency matrix allows you to visualize the many-to-many traceability of elements from different diagrams, particularly for elements interconnected in a large system.