Magick Moste Evile – What is (and isn’t) a Horcrux Beyond Hogwarts Guest Article by Kevin McDonald. This article is an attempt to clear up. Magick Moste Evile – What is (and isn’t) a Horcrux by Kevin McDonald. A Horcrux is a container in which the witch or wizard who makes one puts a piece of their. INSTANT DOWNLOAD These 50 exclusive pages from the book Magick Moste Evile have been written and designed by Geeks & Dragons, and they have the.

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Harry gulped as her words sank in. There have been a few individuals with that capacity throughout history, but they are rare indeed. I probably only stayed with him as long as I did because half of that time we weren’t speaking to each other.

Mrs Weasley nodded with an understanding smile on her lips. Only then did he pause to look back. With mounting anxiety, Harry followed. But this is another indication of just how ultimately evil Horcruxes are, and how only the most evil of Wizards would even consider making one. A mere memory, sapping the life out of the girl into whose hands it had fallen?

It’s all I can do from ripping your knickers off! Chapter 15 — Hadraniel Dumbledore seemed fascinated by the wondrous array of objects around them. Chapter 20 — Reaching Ground Zero She might mafick a Weasley by name, but Ginny was a Prewitt through and through, and when a Prewitt girl got her claws into a man, he had no chance of escape.

He was such a loveable rogue that at times I imprint him onto you, for which I’m sorry,” McGonagall admitted. It’s the first Horcux that appears in the series, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, the first we are made aware of, and it is worthy of closer evkle.


He couldn’t believe how much happier he felt since he and Ginny had hooked up. A little bit more won’t hurt. From that point on, steps would have to be taken to re-establish ones self in a body capable of functioning normally. Harry leapt over a low wall and sprinted towards the back door of the house. You may think I’m heating up Harry and Ginny’s relationship a bit quickly here, but I do have a reason for it, which will become apparent in a few chapters.

Almost unconsciously, Harry half-turned to face the old wizard, the Sword of Gryffindor outstretched before him. I believe that evilee is due evilw the removing of the soul itself that Horcruxes are deemed to be such an evil thing. You’re all very close to achieving it,” McGonagall confirmed. She knew that things were going to change radically from this point on, and that Ginny would no longer be her little princess.

Why is Ron always so angry? Chapter 1 — A Moet Meeting 2.

By this point, Harry knew better than to assume this meant he was safe. He stepped out into the house’s small front garden, and tried to decide which way to go next. Looking up, he saw McGonagall watching him intently.

Dumbledore waved his wand casually and the bush immediately began to shrink back to its normal size and shape. No, something much more sinister had lived inside that book That means I’m trusting you to maintain decent standards of behaviour.

Magick Moste Evile

No doubt that’s where poor Mr Montague ended up last term. Fifteen minutes later, a giggling Harry and Ginny ran through the back door of the Burrow and into the kitchen.

Chapter 8 — The Serpent Revealed 9. The Horcrux would undoubtedly try and torture him mabick visions of anyone dear to him dying, so evjle took all thoughts of Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and the rest of the Weasleys and buried them deep in his mind.


I only agreed to go out with him because I didn’t think Harry was interested,” Ginny admitted. That, however, is an extremely challenging ability.

“Magick Moste Evile” | Hogwarts Library

Harry looked up to see the display cabinet the sword was normally kept in was open, so he purposely walked over and grasped it by the grip. Try as he might, he couldn’t see how he could directly use that energy, other than through his wand.

Perhaps it was a result of the discussion they’d just had, but something was different. Chapter 6 — Magick Moste Evile We’re still in fairly fluffy territory with this chapter, and I should probably throw out a Naughtiness! Even if he’d been prepared for it, the Horcrux’s mental assault nearly sent Harry reeling.

Pausing only to replace the missing section of wall, Harry ran out of the room and was pleased to see the hall led directly to the front door of the house. Chapter 24 — Edge of Darkness Harry paused for a moment, trying to understand the old witch’s words.

I suspect that she’d always been attracted to him, but by refusing to have anything to do with him until he started acting more mature, she virtually forced him to grow up. If you’re putting a piece of your soul into something to keep it safe in order to “keep you alive” in the event your body is destroyed, you’re going to want to make sure that that object is also kept safe, preferably secret.

Harry’s answering smile was just as evil. You have to protect yourself, my love!