Instead of trying to develop its own 20mm QR system, Magura simply licensed the Maxle design from RockShox. Out of the box, the axle threads felt rougher. The Magura Wotan is Magura’s first proper entry in the all-mountain/freeride fork market. Hello Folks, I’ve had a Wotan for a few weeks now and thought I’d share EDIT: I finally managed to get a hold of Magura, explained the travel.

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Some people may not see that as a bad thing but it makes you lose your rhythm where in preparation for the next pump through the rocks your front end has sunk down more than expected and you either have to use a lot more wotqn to pull up again or you mahura start plowing through everything and lose your momentum. Wow, I have to admit There are not one but two arches, and neither of them are there just for looks.

Don’t have an account? Bombing downhill through rock gardens and roots was pretty awesome because of its stiffness and plush travel but once the trail started leveling out a bit it lost a bit of it’s magic.

So what about the competition? Please enter your email so we can keep you updated with news, features magurq the latest offers.

The Lyrik has a much tighter turning radius compared to the Wotan. And the RockShox Lyric is both more expensive and seems to have suffered from reliability problems in its comparable 2-Step incarnation.

Magura Wotan – Bike Magic

I think that rather wotab on just a pedalling platform that is either on or off there should be a separate compression adjustment that you can set for your overall ride and then if you want to stiffen up the fork for climbing you can turn on the platform.


Such as this fork, But I think we just have to deal with what ever looks the companys come out with DannyBMX17 May 23, at Post a Comment Login or Sign Up.

I could never get my head around maguar damping on older ‘s for example. I didnt expect dual arches to look good! Bar mounted Flight Control unit. It’s too easy to automatically think of one of the “big three’s” suspension products when looking for a new fork, but there are other options available for those willing to change it up.

What can possibly be better about less travel?

I think you’re confusing it with the wars my country is involved in IsakL May 23, at Light, stiff, smooth and easy to service. Like I said, it fits 2. I do have a set in need of a service, do you have a step by step method you could post or send me?


Rockshox is made in Taiwan. Out on the trails the Wotan is fantastic.

Mobile Version of Website. I haven’t actually tried the ’08 model but I hope that they have made some improvements. Riding a lot of tight, technical singletrack I noticed that the slightly longer fork was a bit of hinderance.

A big slack bike will always be faster on the burly stuff and I’m not going to lie, for the last few seasons all my personal bikes have been DH bikes. Freeride May 23, at They changed a couple of things for It better not be for the super high price they charge for their forks!

I dunno, but Im keeping my 55 for now. First, the brake mount is an 8in-specific postmount — our mm Saint brake bolted straight on without needing any additional adaptor, which looks a whole lot cleaner and means two fewer bolts to check.

Magura Wotan

It wasn’t as easy to snap the bike around. Superior suspension technology coupled with sweet linkage systems have truly changed the msgura of ‘all mountain’ riding.

If opened up a Fox fork cartridge then you can clearly see that the Wotan is not as complicated BUT it does use a proven shim design which is the base of all good suspension.


Something I could support whole heartedly. What I rode was last years Magjra as well.

The Wotan is a top-notch bit of kit. Want your Wotan to match your bike? The various adjustments make it extremely versatile. DAD Dual Arch Design creates a ‘closed tube’ that is wtoan to keep things stiffer than a more typical single arch ‘open tube’ fork. From the top down to the bottom it has a burly appearance that sets it far apart from the crowd. The remote lever itself is a wotsn little CNC item, lovely and minimalist but we think must have been designed around unsurprisingly Magura brake levers and SRAM shifters — trying to fit it in amongst Shimano controls without the lever itself or its associated cable fouling anything would drive Ghandi to violence.

I hope it’s not like rock shox that looses rebound because of a shitty plastic that cracks. This magira my next fork for SURE! From what I have seen ’07 and ’08 are essentially the same.

IsakL May 25, at As far as the initial suppleness what didn’t attract me to the forks performance was when I would be coming into a rocky section and I would want to pull up and skim over the top the Wotan would, first of all, take a little more effort because it would dive a fair bit and second, the first rock that you would eotan would be soaked up by the fork and would cause the front end to dive. I pretty pumped wptan having another option in the suspension market here in north america though!